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Resources for parents and students

A series of articles by PCD experts to help navigate this sometimes messy process.


A group of high schoolers in a private school classroom

How To Choose The Right High School 
Providence Country Day School shares some advice on what to look for when choosing the right high school for your student to set them up for academic success.
How TO Choose the Right High School


PCD Student Leadership Experts

Student Leadership: How PCD Cultivates Student Leaders
At Providence Country Day, our mission values engaged citizenship, an inclusive community, a diversity of strengths and talents, and—especially important—the development of leadership.

PCD believes every student has the potential to be a leader and encourages students to develop their leadership skills by pursuing personal interests and strengths.

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Students in Classroom

Independent School Accreditation
Originally intended to help colleges gauge the level of incoming students in the northeast United States, NEASC has since become a global organization that handles accreditation for international, public, and independent (sometimes called private) schools.

Learn more about the comprehensive process of becoming an accredited independent school and why that matters for families that choose an accredited school! 

Learn More About NEASC Independent School Accreditation


Tips for Managing Wellness During COVID-19

Tips for Managing Mental Well-Being During COVID-19
COVID-19 is filling the news, requiring social distancing, and closing many of the spaces that we know and love. This unprecedented and historic situation is providing us with a lot of information and transitions to manage all at once. As with any big adjustment, it is important to keep tabs on your mental well-being, just as you would keep an eye on how your muscles feel when starting a new sport. Here at Providence Country Day School, we've put together some tips to help you stay well during this time.

Discover Tips for Managing Well-Being During COVID-19


How to Afford a Private School Education
As a private school in Providence, RI, we often get asked by prospective parents: “What are my options, financially?” 
The reality is that private schools are an investment in your child’s future. BUT, today’s private schools offer great financial aid options, scholarships and payment plans to make it an investment that you can afford.

See How You Can Afford a Private Education for Your Child


Myths and Misconceptions about Private Schools
Many people have heard myths and misconceptions about independent schools. From required school uniforms to tuition affordability, there are many assumptions about private school that are less than true. We break down the misconceptions that often mischaracterize the independent school community.

Learn About the Myths and Misconceptions about Private Schools


What To Expect in Middle School
PCD shares a few tips for academic and social success in middle school.

Discover What To Expect in Middle School

Hidden Identity

Exploring the hard but essential task of knowing yourself and understanding others


Beyond "How Was Your Day?"

Five Strategies for Talking with your Teen



Balancing Act

Walking the fine line between work and play to ensure your child’s healthy development

The Upside of Falling Down

How to build success by building resilience




Screen Time

New Year’s resolutions to consider year-round