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Athletics Program

PCD's athletic program is grounded in the principle set forth by the school's first Head, Charles Breed, who said, "no one is a sideliner here."
As in all aspects of school life, it is the full participation of everyone in our community that makes it strong. With an athletic requirement that supports both competitive and instructional levels of play, we put a premium on athletic participation and find that everyone, both the sports-inclined and those who are not, relishes being a member of a PCD team.

As the words to our school song proclaim, PCD athletes "Play the Game." Playing the game requires knowing the rules and learning the skills; playing the game at PCD also requires respecting teammates, opponents, and oneself. We treasure athletic competition because sports teach us unique lessons about our heads and our hearts, not to mention our hands and our feet. As we learn about ourselves and others, on the field and off, respect becomes an inextricable part of play and an everyday ethical life.

Fall Teams

Winter Teams

Spring Teams

Participation in organized sports or physical education is required throughout a student's career at PCD.
The choices each season are broad, enabling students to pursue their current interests, develop new interests, and compete at their highest level of ability.

The Athletic Department provides students with the opportunity to develop their physical, mental, and competitive skills to their fullest potential. Under the direction of experienced coaches, students increase not only technical knowledge of their sport, but also their communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

Participation in athletics at PCD benefits students and the community in three important ways:

  • Creating a common bond and community identity that brings together different grades, faculty, staff, parents and the community as a whole.
  • Contributing to the maturity and growth of the individual student-athlete in terms of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline.
  • Teaching students how to work together and how individual skills and contributions can help meet team goals.
As individuals, all students benefit from their participation in athletics, as they develop a lifelong appreciation for physical fitness, learn firsthand the value of good sportsmanship and teamwork, and experience how hard work and determination result in very tangible and discernible results.
PCD participates in athletic contests under the jurisdiction of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League (RIIL). PCD is proud to be a Safe Sports School.

Athletic Requirements

Participation in athletics is an essential part of the PCD student experience. We know that every student is different and we love that about our student body; some are travel team veterans, some would rather spend free time in the art studio.
But the painter will benefit from being on the soccer team and the tennis ace will find a new means of expression with a paint brush or a piece of clay. PCD students try new things, they get better at what they're good at and they discover new talents. Confirmed "non-athletes" have found a life-long love of a new sport, just because they were required to participate broadly. The benefits of being on a team and regular physical activity are indisputable—proven through research as well as on the PCD playing fields and courts. There is something for everyone here; the athletic requirement ensures that students take advantage of the opportunities.

Minimum Upper School Athletic Participation Requirements

Grade Entering PCD Upper School
Points Required for Graduation
*If you have earned 9 points by the end of junior year, you must earn at least two additional points as a senior.
  1. A minimum of 9 points must be earned to fulfill the upper school graduation requirement for athletics (2 per year).
  2. 1 Point is earned for each season that you participate on one of the following: PCD varsity team; PCD junior varsity team; PCD Players musical cast
  3. Freshmen, as well as new 10th, 11th, and 12th graders must participate on a fall team.
  4. 1 Point is earned for daily team manager commitment.
  5. 1 Point is earned for school approved outside activity. (May only be used for athletic/physical activity not offered by PCD. Outside sport minimum requirement is 10 hours per week.
  6. ½ Point is earned for winter intramurals (2 days/week) or Fit for Life (3 days/week, A 4-day commitment will earn 1 point).
  7. ½ Point is earned for game-day support/scoring.
  8. Medical exemptions must be verified by health or training staff.
  9. 9 Points are the minimum and student-athletes are encouraged to take full advantage of the PCD athletic program.

Middle School Requirements

Middle School students must participate in a PCD team sport in each of the three sports seasons. Students benefit from school sports regardless of age, prior experience, or ability and it is important that all middle school students be held to the same standards of participation and effort as students in the upper school. Students not wishing to participate in competitive team athletics will have a fencing option for an additional fee, that will meet everyday during the middle school sports period at an off-campus facility.

Meet the Department

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    Marquis Harper 

    Athletic Director & Upper School English Teacher
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    Sue Pacheco 

    Assistant Athletic Director & Head Athletic Trainer