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Why Give?

Four Reasons to Support Annual Giving at PCD

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  • 1. Improving the School

    Your donation improves the quality of education that each student receives and helps prepare the next generation of PCD alumni. The Annual Fund is applied across the budget to buy computers and microscopes, athletic equipment, art supplies, and musical instruments. It helps maintain our 30+ acre facility, and it supports professional development for our teachers.
  • 2. Essential Funding

    Tuition and fees do not cover the true cost of a PCD education. Annual giving provides essential funds to cover the expenses associated with preparing our next generation of leaders.
  • 3. Tax-Deductible

    Contributions are tax-deductible. Your donation helps PCD and can also reduce your personal tax liability.
  • 4. Culture of Giving

    Your gift will grow as it inspires others to give—whether individuals like you who want to make a difference, alumni who appreciate the gift that was given to them, or corporations and foundations, who consider an institution's giving history when awarding grants.

Areas of Support

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  • Annual Fund

    The PCD Annual Fund supports the dedicated faculty, financial aid, and facilities that enable PCD students to thrive here now and continue to do so long after they leave. Because we hope to make a PCD education available to as many qualified and deserving students as possible, tuition revenue funds only 85% of our annual operating budget; the balance is funded through the generosity of donors. 

    There are two types of gifts to the PCD Annual Fund:

    1) Unrestricted
    This is the fund that gives PCD the flexibility to budget for the best interest and greatest needs of the school each year, whether that’s to buy computers and microscopes, athletic equipment, art supplies, musical instruments, or hand sanitizer. These gifts are essential for keeping the lights on every day!

    2) Restricted
    These gifts are made in support of causes most important to the donor or for specific purposes. This can include Henry Barnard alumni who would like their gifts to only benefit the Henry Barnard lower school. If you would like to direct the use of your Annual Fund contribution, please include that information when you make your gift. 
  • Capital Giving

    Unlike the Annual Fund, which funds about 8% of our operating budget and is spent each year, capital gifts generally support specific initiatives—either facility improvements or endowment.

    Think of our Annual Fund as our checking account, paying for day-to-day expenses, and capital gifts as a savings account for special projects and long-term investment. Capital gifts allow PCD to think strategically beyond immediate needs and plan for a secure and vibrant future. They can fund new buildings and campus renovations, and they can add to the endowment to fund faculty compensation, programs, and financial aid.

    A healthy endowment can also give a school greater flexibility during challenging economic times, so that its long-term health is not compromised. PCD's endowment is managed by the Rhode Island Foundation and is invested for long-term growth.
  • Endowment

    An endowed gift is one that is intended to be used in perpetuity. The PCD endowment allows the school the flexibility to respond to unexpected events (like a pandemic) and to have a consistent source of funds. These gifts are often made through charitable bequests but can also be made at any point in someone’s lifetime. These gifts can have tax benefits for the donor and their families.

Meet the Department

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  • Photo of Mark McLaughlin

    Mark McLaughlin 

    Associate Head of School for Advancement and Strategic Partnerships
  • Photo of Michaela Walker

    Michaela Walker 

    Associate Director of Development
  • Photo of Cate Massey

    Cate Massey 

    Advancement Associate & International Student Coordinator
  • Photo of Jahdae Thomas

    Jahdae Thomas 

    Special Events and Volunteer Management Coordinator