To succeed in being a lifelong learner is to succeed as a life-long questioner who embraces a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. Accordingly, Providence Country Day faculty press for questions as much as answers.

Here we champion independent learning and diverse aptitudes and present a vision of the world as a boundless, ever-changing and provocative place. We strive for balance and ask our students to do the same.

A PCD education builds thinkers, innovators and creators by providing:
  • A college prep Academic Curriculum designed to secure a broad knowledge base across multiple disciplines, help students discover and develop their unique strengths, foster self advocacy and independent learning, and develop a strong sense of character;
  • A robust multi-media Arts Curriculum that gives students tools for self discovery and expression;
  • An Athletic Program that challenges both seasoned travel members and first time teammates, while giving everyone a place to belong;
  • An annual Community Curriculum that brings all students and faculty together to explore relevant and meaningful topics and appreciate our differences;
  • A Service Program that empowers students to understand their place in the world and their capacity to make it a better place.