Life at PCD

Campus Life

PCD is a close-knit community that provides ample opportunity for growth and the chance to participate in a wide variety of academics, arts, and sports. Students and alumni routinely point out that at PCD, no one fits under a single label. Instead, a PCD soccer captain might also take pottery and join the theater tech crew. An editor of the school newspaper might also play volleyball and study calculus and forensics. A student in the Music Club and PRIDE Alliance might also be a member of the swim team and run for student council.

With PCD’s small size and commitment to individualized education, each student can explore new interests, chart their own unique path, and find support and guidance from their classmates, teachers, and advisors. Everyone knows your name at PCD, and teachers are always available for extra help.

As one recent graduate said, “The friends I’ve made at PCD are some of the best humans I’ve ever met, and the teachers are included in that. I feel like I’ve been especially transformed by PCD.” Another recent graduate agreed, saying, “Through PCD, I found my voice.”

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  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    PCD has a full-time Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion who is responsible for DEI programming throughout the school year. The DEI Director works with the Students of Color Union and also organizes activities and education in conjunction with events and holidays throughout the school year. Some of these include Black History Month, Women’s History Month, World Cultures Day, and the annual Students of Color Conference.
  • Health and Wellness

    In addition to a School Nurse, PCD also employs a full-time Wellness Coordinator. PCD offers the Senior Wellness Program, a year-long program discussing issues important to college-bound students and helps to develop skills to manage current and future stress. PCD also follows a Social and Emotional Curriculum addressed in advisory groups.
  • Leadership Opportunities

    PCD believes that anyone can be a leader and that leadership can include heading student organizations, pursuing interests and inspiring others to follow, or advocating for causes that benefit the community.

    Leadership and student government opportunities are available through Student Council, Peer Advisors, the Community Standards Group, or even through participating in a sports team or co-curricular club.

    PCD encourages students to apply for, or even create, leadership roles that they may not have considered before. Under this guidance, students have contributed to chosen causes or started a number of clubs over the years (such as the recently formed Dungeons & Dragons Club).

    Read more at out blog article: How PCD Approaches Student Leadership
  • Athletic Trainer

    PCD's athletic trainer is available during all games and matches, in order to respond to accidents and treat or refer out as necessary. She works together with the school nurse to ensure that all students are compliant with State and school requirements in order to participate in school sports.
  • PCD Counselor

    PCD's faculty includes a licensed social worker who, in addition to running programming specific to the health and well being of all PCD students, is available for consultation and support as needed. The school counselor's role in this capacity is one of assessment and referral, rather than treatment. In the event of a school emergency, the counselor oversees the emotional health of all involved.
  • PCD Nurse

    PCD's full-time school nurse is available for all manners of student health, including, but not limited to: administration of approved medications, assessment of illness and injury, emergency response, health instruction, and management of student health records. She works in concert with the school counselor and the athletic trainer, to ensure the safety and well-being of the entire PCD community.
  • Field Trips and Signature Programs

    The Middle School offers frequent out-of-classroom opportunities such as Newport and Chewonki visits, the Boston Freedom Trail, and outdoor nature classes. The Upper School offers cultural immersion trips to Quebec, political education programs in Washington DC or the New Hampshire Primaries, and outdoor exercises through white water rafting in Maine or surfing and yoga in Costa Rica.

    Signature events and programs include Community Service Day, Earth Day, World Cultures Day, Arts Winter Session, Middle School Drop and Read, Upper School Activity Day, Senior Projects, and more.