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Providence Country Day sparks the innate curiosity in all learners to actively participate in their education, not just observe or passively partake.
Despite the extraordinary challenges we have all faced individually and collectively, the past two years have been transformative for Providence Country Day School. Our dedicated and dynamic faculty and staff have provided an island of normalcy during these years of turmoil and uncertainty. I could not be prouder to lead this incredible institution.

Throughout the pandemic, PCD has demonstrated resilience and an ability to thrive. In addition to providing on-campus instruction and honoring tried and true school traditions, we also launched the PCD Quest, our strategic approach to fundamentally change the independent school experience and meet the changing times.

The 21st century has ushered in an era of extraordinary transformation and proliferation of information. As the Providence Country Day School looks towards our centennial and the century beyond, our highest duty is to provide an education that prepares our students to succeed in life. At PCD, we see a world that is changing so rapidly, it demands a different kind of education than the traditional prep school model. We are redefining that model, transforming it, and setting a new standard for private education. To this end, we launched the PCD Quest to reset our tuition, create the PCD Playbook, and found the PCD Online Academy. By taking these steps to make PCD more accessible, personal, and relevant for all our families, we look forward to more students taking advantage of what PCD has to offer and joining our next generation of alumni as they impact a changing world.

As you investigate the ultimate question, why PCD, I invite you to explore our website and social media channels, to read about the PCD Quest, to hear from our talented students, alumni, and parents, and to discover why PCD might just be the perfect learning environment not only for your child, but also for your family. Visit us virtually or in person to see why our intentionally small school inspires greatness and changes lives.

You will learn, as I did, that Providence Country Day is guided by a team of dedicated and passionate educators who encourage our students to be their most authentic selves and work to prepare them for the intellectual, creative, and social challenges of the 21st century. Start your Quest today. Go Knights!

Kevin Folan
Head of School A.B., Bowdoin College, 2003
Government and Legal Studies

M.B.A., University of Connecticut, 2013
Finance and Marketing

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is tasked with the responsibility of providing strategic guidance to PCD’s school administration, serving as the school’s greatest champions and cheerleaders. We are so very fortunate to have such a dynamic group of people to help steer Country Day.

List of 29 items.

  • Douglas Ames

    Class of 1976
  • Caroline Aparo

    Class of 2007
  • Amara Atella

    Class of 2001
  • David N. Bazar

    Class of 1976
    Past President
  • Rodman Rick Black

    Class of 1971
  • Hamza Chaudary

    Friend of PCD
  • Sara Read Cote

    Class of 2000 and current parent
  • JJ Gilbane

    Class of 2007
  • Kate Farrington

    Assistant Secretary
    Parent of alumnus
  • Kevin Folan

    Head of School
  • Katherine Goetz

    Class of 2004
  • Robert D. Goldberg

    Class of 1969
  • Evan Goldstein

    Class of 2002
  • Amy Hicks

    Current parent and parent of alumnus
  • Andrew Kelton

    Parent of alumnus
  • Robert Khoury

    Class of 1986
    Vice President
  • Stephen Marsella

    Class of 1985 and parent of alumnus
  • Luis Matos

    Parent of alumnus
  • Olufemi Kevin Menawonu

    Class of 2005
  • Paula McNamara

    Parent of alumnus
    Vice President
  • Patrick McQuade

    Class of 2006
  • John H. Mullen

    Class of 2002
    Past President
  • Suzanne Oppenheimer

    Parent of alumnus
  • Liza Pinto

    Henry Barnard School Parent
  • David Quinones

    Parent of alumnus
  • Allison Rogers

    Henry Barnard School Alumna
  • Kenneth B. Ryvicker

    Class of 1987
    Current parent and parent of alumnus
  • Jonathan N. Savage

    Class of 1975
  • Tony Simon

    Henry Barnard School Parent