Middle School

The Middle School at Providence Country Day introduces students to a world of possibilities. The small size and collaborative environment empowers and nurtures students at this critical stage in their development.


Middle School Students


Inquiry and intellectual curiosity drive much of the challenging curriculum, which provides a solid foundation for college-preparatory work in our high school program. While classroom focus is on the traditional subjects and the arts, experiential and interdisciplinary learning is a hallmark of the Middle School program. We take advantage of frequent out-of-classroom opportunities, to connect the subject matter with relevant, real-world experiences and foster creative thinking.

Middle School faculty are both academic leaders and mentors who inspire students not only to pursue deeper levels of understanding, but also to work cooperatively and see themselves as part of a team of problem solvers. Like the faculty members who also serve as advisors, coaches, and role models, students are challenged to take risks both in and out of the classroom and are called to lead the school's numerous initiatives in community service, the arts, athletics, and student government. As a result, the opportunities for positive intellectual and character growth are abundant in the Middle School, and students emerge as confident, well-rounded individuals who eagerly embrace future challenges.

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The curriculum in the Middle School is designed to stimulate students’ natural curiosity, their need to explore and question, and their desire to ask “why?” or “why not?” within a safe and caring environment.