“My teachers believe in me and take my success as personally as I do.”
“At PCD, you were always part of a team. Whether it was a group project in the classroom or on the athletic fields, learning how to lead, trust your teammates, and work towards a common goal was critical to my development.”
“PCD exposes your brain to so much real world knowledge and it prepares you to handle it—and handle it well. PCD gave me unlimited possibilities.”
“It was really nice to be somewhere where people actively wanted to get to know me. I just felt so supported right from the get-go, and that kind of support allowed me to become more comfortable and branch out and try new things.”
“Having sent two kids to PCD, I am always amazed at how the school excels in identifying the uniqueness of every student. PCD does not use a one size fits all approach but helps every student to develop and thrive based on their individual needs.”
“I was so nervous to be in my first play. But at PCD, trying new things is just what you do.”
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Middle School Civics

In a school that places high value on preparing students for lives of engaged citizenship, it comes as no surprise that a comprehensive and thoughtful civics education is a crucial part of the curriculum. In PCD's Middle School, the entire seventh grade history curriculum is devoted to the study of civics.

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