Athletics Program Overview

PCD's athletic program is grounded in the principle set forth by the school's first Head, Charles Breed, who said, "no one is a sideliner here." As in all aspects of school life, it is the full participation of everyone in our community that makes it strong. With an athletic requirement that supports both competitive and instructional levels of play, we put a premium on athletic participation and find that everyone, both the sports-inclined and those who are not, relishes being a member of a PCD team.

PCD Soccer Team

As the words to our school song proclaim, PCD athletes "Play the Game." Playing the game requires knowing the rules and learning the skills; playing the game at PCD also requires respecting teammates, opponents, and oneself. We treasure athletic competition because sports teach us unique lessons about our heads and our hearts, not to mention our hands and our feet. As we learn about ourselves and others, on the field and off, respect becomes an inextricable part of play and an everyday ethical life.

Participation in organized sports or physical education is required throughout a student's career at PCD. The choices each season are broad, enabling students to pursue their current interests, develop new interests, and compete at their highest level of ability.

The Athletic Department provides students with the opportunity to develop their physical, mental, and competitive skills to their fullest potential. Under the direction of experienced coaches, students increase not only technical knowledge of their sport, but also their communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

Athlete of the Week

Pilar Beerman-Rodriguez '22 is Athlete of the Week

The Girls' Varsity Soccer run in the postseason came to an end yesterday, but the team is victorious in leading player stats for the state.

Pilar Beerman-Rodriguez '22 is ranked third in the state for goals (33) and fifth overall for assists (7) and total points (73). Head Coach Nick Riess describes her ambition, competitiveness, and advanced understanding of the sport as something rarely seen at the high school level. "Pilar has a competitive edge when she is on the field. A trait you rarely see in high school soccer. She is a slick, stealthy, mamba-like player," he says. "Her accuracy on putting the ball in the net is extraordinary, and her ability to see the whole field and distribute the ball is second to none."

Pilar's ability to handle the ball with power and accuracy has helped lead a monumental season for the Girls' Varsity Soccer team, which ended the season with a 10-8 record. Roughly 20 percent of Pilar's goals are from free-kicks, a feat the coach attributes as one of many strengths for the sophomore. "What I enjoy most about coaching Pilar is her love of and devotion to the sport. She contributes her thoughts and ideas on how the game is played, and she thinks about it at a collegiate level," says Riess.

PCD participates in athletic contests both independently as well as under the jurisdiction of three main governing bodies: SENEISAA, NEPSAC, and RIIL.

Participation in athletics at PCD benefits students and the community in three important ways:

  • Creating a common bond and community identity that brings together different grades, faculty, staff, parents and the community as a whole.
  • Contributing to the maturity and growth of the individual student-athlete in terms of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline.
  • Teaching students how to work together and how individual skills and contributions can help meet team goals.

As individuals, all students benefit from their participation in athletics, as they develop a lifelong appreciation for physical fitness, learn firsthand the value of good sportsmanship and teamwork, and experience how hard work and determination result in very tangible and discernible results.