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Centennial Celebrations

Join us June 21-23, 2024 to celebrate the incredible milestone 

Providence Country Day School’s 100th Anniversary!

Friday, June 21

Knights of Distinction
Inaugural Induction Dinner.
6 p.m., PCD Campus - Evan R. West Field House 

Saturday, June 22

Affinity Activities
Various gatherings on and off-campus for all to reconnect and reminisce.

PCD Centennial Gala
6 p.m., Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence
In honor of the school’s founding year of 1923, join us for a Roaring 20’s themed celebration for alumni, faculty, families, and friends of PCD. Celebratory toasts, presentations, and musical performances highlight the incredible 100 year history of the school and the bright future ahead!

Attendance to the event includes hors d'oeuvres, dinner, drinks & dessert for all guests (age 21+). Sponsorships and table hosting opportunities are also available.

Dress code: Formal (Black Tie Optional) - 1920’s theme encouraged!

Ticket sales closed on May 31st.

Sunday, June 23
Faculty Breakfast
9:30 a.m., PCD Campus
Join fellow faculty as we celebrate those who have played a part in educating generations of students over the past 100 years! This free event is open to all current and former faculty of both PCD and HBS.
If you're interested in attending, please reach out to Jahdae Thomas at

Tom Ossman Celebration of Life
11 a.m., PCD Campus - Evan R. West Field House 

Family Field Day
11 a.m., PCD Campus
Join us for a barbecue picnic on campus with other community members and their families. Participate in fun competitions for all ages.  Activities include tug-of-war, egg & spoon race, hula-hoop race, three-legged race, and inflatable obstacle course and bouncy house.
If you're interested in attending, please reach out to Jahdae Thomas at

Thank you to our generous Centennial Gala Sponsors!

Centennial Presenting Sponsor
The McQuade Family

Gold Sponsor
Murray Family Charitable Foundation
• Suzanne & Terry Murray '58
• Nicole & Terry Murray '85
• Paula & Kevin McNamara P'16

Faculty Sponsors
Bazar & Associates
The Cote Family
Dr. Matthew B. Hamilton (’86) and
Dr. I-Ling S. Chen

Red & Black Hosts

Online Auction

The 2024 online auction is live and runs through Centennial weekend.

Bidding is now closed. View the auction items here:

If you would like to offer a gift-in-kind for the auction, please contact Jahdae Thomas at

Hotel Information

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Who is attending?

Secure your tickets now before this once-in-a-century Gala event sells out! Over 400 confirmed attendees so far, including:

ALUMNI <1990
Stephen Palmer 1955
William Twaddell 1959
Earl Powell III 1962
Edwin Barton III 1964
Bertram Buxton III 1964
Stephen Lister 1964
Peter Voss 1964
William Lingard 1968
Robert Pagano 1968
Robert Fulford 1970
Rodman Black Jr. 1971
Townes Harris III 1971
Mark Karas 1972
Lawrence Traynor Jr. 1972
William Chadwick 1975
Charles Fradin 1975
David Bazar 1976
Michael Booth 1976
Whitney Boucher 1976
Antonio Capone Jr. 1976
Eric Daum 1976
Ronald Tanner 1976
Harris Weiner 1976
Alan Jacober 1977
Alexander Weiner 1980
H. Clay Howland III 1984
J. Lukasiewicz 1984
Gregory Macera 1984
David Madeira 1984
Duane Nelson 1984
Nuno Silva 1984
Jack Hayes 1985
Mark Iannuccilli 1985
Stephen Marsella 1985
Kurt Barbuscio 1986
Graham Fuller 1986
Matthew Hamilton 1986
Robert Khoury 1986
Joseph Orlando 1986
Charles Grossman 1987
Ozzie Kooloian 1987
Richard Sutton 1988

ALUMNI 1990-2021
Brian Murphy 1993
Eben Bates 1995
David Hutchinson 1995
Meghan Sepe 1996
John Kazianis 1997
Seth Mrozek 1997
Matthew Stutz 1997
Latha (Heyman) Youngren 1997
Soren Youngren 1997
Alyson Boss 1999
Joseph Kilcullen 1999
Courtney Wilson 1999
Sara (Read) Cote 2000
Christopher Cote 2000
Amara Atella 2001
Casey Kilcullen 2001
Andrew Schuster 2001
John Mullen 2002
Kendra Mrozek 2003
Cara (Donovan) Mitchell 2004
Cathleen (Doyle) Massey 2004
Katherine Goetz 2004
Christina (Paolino) DiMeglio 2005
Patrick McQuade 2006
Caroline Bazar Aparo 2007
Kathryn Boots 2007
Kirstin Burdett 2007
Bruce Messier 2007
Kathryn Pray 2007
Michael Milas 2008
Christopher Norris-LeBlanc 2008
Randelle Boots 2009
Kevin McNamara Jr. 2016
Anthony Chamoun 2018
Isabella Fitzpatrick 2021

Suzanne L. Bailey
Alfred C. Basile
Ann Marie Clarkson
Carol B. Conrad
Rod & Florence Eaton
Sarah Garcia-Mata
Bill Jones
Gregory Abel
Susan Anderson
Marquis Harper, Sr.
Kelly Hutchinson
Jennifer Thayer Karl
Christopher Norris-LeBlanc
Mark McLaughlin
Mary Millard
Suzanne Pacheco
Diane Palazzo
Melanie Parsons
Kelsey Sanders
Crystal Shillan
Peter Walsworth

Caroline Bazar Aparo 2007
Rodman Black Jr. 1971
Hamza & Myra Chaudary
Jeff Colby P'25
Sara (Read) Cote 2000
Kate & AJ Farrington P'07, P'09, P'12
Amy & Dennis Hicks P'22
Marcia Hoffer P'04
Robert Khoury 1986
Paula & Kevin McNamara P'16
John Mullen 2002
Suzanne & Peter Oppenheimer P'06, P'12
Latha (Heyman) Youngren 1997

CeCe & Ben Aparo P'37
Rebecca & Michael Grieco, Jr. P'36, P'36
Sara & Chris Cote P'29, P'31
Kathy O'Grady P'31
Jessica & John Neubauer P'30
Eric & Kathryn Rasmussen P'30
Sarah & David Bouvier P'30
Mark & Laurel McLaughlin P'19, P'24, P'30
Jen & Phil Karl P'25, P'29
Adam Sinel P'26, P'29
Jennifer & Tom Pavlovich P'29
Terri & Rob Fredericks P'27, P'29
Kristen & Dan Meuse P'29
Amy Perlmutter P'29
Bradley & Alison Walter P'25, P'28
Sarah & Eben Bates P'23, P'25, P'28
Melissa Carden & Matt Boline P'25, P'28
Garrett & Jill Iannella P'25, P'27, P'28
Sonnie Kpangbai P'28
Christa Baker P'28
Christine & Kenneth Medeiros P'26, P'28
Alyson Boss & Bradley Ayres P'27
Julie & Matt Bromberg P'25, P'27
Leon Ye P'26
Bethany & Rich Sutton P'21, P'25
Lori & Richard Fernandes II P'25
Stephanie Sanford & Jeff Colby P'25
Tim & Robin Shields P'25

Other Centennial Events

Knights at Night
☑ Florida: March 2, 2023
☑ PCD Players reunion: May 5, 2023
☑ New York City: May 18, 2023
☑ HBS "Last Hurrah" Gathering: June 17, 2023
☑ Providence: July 13, 2023
☑ Providence: August 24, 2023
☑ Washington DC: September 29, 2023
☑ Holiday Gathering at the Hot Club: Thursday, December 21, 2023 
California: TBD
Important Events
Chowder Day: October 14, 2023
Woodruff Legacy Giving Society luncheon: November 18, 2023
Play for PCD Benefit Event: May 13, 2024
Alumni Games: June 2024
Commencement: June 12, 2024

All dates subject to change.

For more information on these events, or to volunteer to coordinate an event near you, please contact the advancement office. 
PCD kicked off the centennial celebrations with a virtual party on January 9, 2023 at 7:23pm (1/9/23 and 19:23, both representing the year PCD was founded). PCD community members from around the world learned more about the next 18 months of centennial celebrations, heard members of our community share some of their PCD memories, and celebrated the start of the centennial with a virtual toast!

If you missed the kick-off, check out the full video here, and the congratulatory messages are shared here. Be sure to keep an eye on this page for updates about Centennial Celebrations and upcoming special events.

Happy Birthday Messages

PCD's Oral History

Given the technological changes over the past five decades, we wondered if we could do a large, comprehensive, and accessible History of PCD project. 
The concept of an oral and video history evolved, with the idea that interviewing alumni and faculty could develop into a larger picture. 
Could the history of certain sports, of the Roundtable, of the PCD Players, and other niche topics contribute to the comprehensive nature of this project? The first trial interviews begat other topics. Could we develop a history of senior projects? Of Field Day? Could we look at alumni grouped by careers like medicine, law enforcement, education, or the arts? Could we look at the many PCD alumni who are also graduates of our new partner, Henry Barnard School? Two early interviewees spoke of their athletic experience and pointed to one football game – the Knights’ come-from-behind victory over Moses Brown on Chowder Day, 1982 – as a topic that could stand alone and yet still represent the true “Play the Game” spirit of the school.
From the start, we agreed early on that current students could and should be involved in this process. So many skills to be acquired and shared! 
We also hoped that the results could be viewable online and during the weekend of the Centennial Gala in 2024. 
Are you excited by this possibility? Would you like to be interviewed or to interview classmates and teammates? Please contact Arnold Kee at or Rod Eaton at

Knights of Distinction 

Knights of Distinction embody the core values of our school and move them forward in ways that positively impact an ever-changing world. Extraordinary in diverse fields, honorees have uplifted and inspired others and brought honor and pride to Providence Country Day and Henry Barnard.

We celebrate honorees for their professional or academic achievement, leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and public responsibility. These individuals who “Played the Game” with excellence, grace, and character have illuminated and preserved our rich history and enduring values, as well as looked forward in aspirational and innovative ways.