Students at Providence Country Day begin their odyssey of mathematics by developing a solid foundation of arithmetic skills. As they build on this foundation, they are asked not only to employ the fundamentals of mathematics but also to think more conceptually, graphically and complexly. The mathematics curriculum at PCD underscores the importance of skill development and problem solving. In the study of Algebra and Geometry, students are taught to logically follow methods of arriving at solutions; they are also taught to think creatively and efficiently about mathematical problems. Once a student has established an understanding and proficiency in Algebra and Geometry, higher levels of study in pre-calculus and calculus follow. The sequence culminates for many students in the study of Advanced Placement Calculus.

Methods of assessments include tests, quizzes, homework, projects, reports and, in some cases, mathematical modeling of real phenomena. It is our belief that with the right combination of hard work and guidance.

Students can learn both the fundamentals of mathematics and the techniques of problem solving. The study of mathematics at PCD builds critical thinking skills and provides students with the tools to solve real world problems.

The Mathematics Department values more than the understanding of theorems and proofs. We relentlessly pursue the lessons that come from asking good questions and thoughtful analysis.