Creating a context for a student’s identity as an individual, a citizen and a participant in this world is an important part of education at Providence Country Day School. The understanding of human experience through history enables young minds to see the contemporary world from a variety of perspectives while developing important academic skills. The history curriculum across the grades is designed to provide a wide variety of approaches to understanding historical events. Students are taught to be conscious of diverse experiences in history, including non-western and women’s history.

At PCD we expect our students to have both a broad knowledge of historical sequence as well as to master detail found in topics with a narrower focus. Included in the curriculum are national and world perspectives, but we also emphasize the value and intimacy of personal histories. Both Middle and Upper School history courses begin with the broader picture and through the grades move to a more focused study of historical subjects, as the students are better able to make connections and exercise their skills. We encourage the development of active learners through many "hands-on" projects and presentations. Curiosity is a habit encouraged through historical inquiry, and we aim to inspire students to become lifelong inquirers.

Critical analysis of events and the ability to articulate those thoughts with clarity and supporting evidence are among the thinking skills that are essential in all manners of success.