Student Life

PCD is a close-knit community that provides ample opportunity for growth and the chance to participate in a wide variety of academics, arts, and sports. Students and alumni routinely point out that at PCD, no one fits under a single label. Instead, a PCD soccer captain might also take pottery and join the theater tech crew. An editor of the school newspaper might also play volleyball and study calculus and forensics. A student in the Music Club and PRIDE Alliance might also be a member of the swim team and run for student council. 

With PCD’s small size and commitment to individualized education, each student can explore new interests, chart their own unique path, and find support and guidance from their classmates, teachers, and advisors. Everyone knows your name at PCD, and teachers are always available for extra help. 

As one recent graduate said, “The friends I’ve made at PCD are some of the best humans I’ve ever met, and the teachers are included in that. I feel like I’ve been especially transformed by PCD.”  Another recent graduate agreed, saying, “Through PCD, I found my voice.”

“It’s a small community. You can easily go to your teachers whenever you want and talk to them about anything. You know everyone in your grade. It makes me feel more comfortable and I feel like I can do better here.” 
—Quincy G., Senior

“The small class sizes and the relationships that you build with your teachers and friends are my favorite things about PCD. The relationships you build here will carry you throughout your whole PCD career and wherever you may go after that.”
—Kylee H., Junior