MS Daily Schedule

The Atlas is PCD's seven-day rotating schedule. Classes meet in a similar sequence each day, but the sequence starts with a different period each day. The schedule enhances the student learning experience with built-in flexibility ad a more efficient workflow. Students have the opportunity to perform during individual peak times, and a regular block when the school can gather in its entirety allows for unique off-campus activities without sacrificing valuable classroom time. An extended 60-minute teaching period at the start of each day in the middle school supports greater variety of instruction to help make the vital connections between theory and practice.

All in a Middle School Day


Every middle schooler is a member of an advisory group that meets at least once during each seven-day cycle. Groups are led by middle school faculty and can be single or multi-grade in make-up. Students work together on all-school service projects, the current community curriculum, and issues of general interest such as study habits, respectful behavior, technology best practices, etc.

Learning Center

Some students need support above and beyond the regular classroom experience and benefit from the expertise of the learning specialists in The Learning Center.

The Learning Center faculty work with students to identify individual learning styles and provide the necessary tools to support academic success. PCD's learning specialists prepare a profile for each student to help classroom teachers develop appropriate teaching strategies. Learning Center instruction is planned in coordination with each student's classroom teachers. Depending on the student's needs, either individual or small group sessions are integrated into the curriculum and focus on strengthening basic skills in reading, language development, written expression, math, reasoning, and study techniques.

Instruction is designed to help students maximize strengths and understand their unique learning styles. Structured, multi-sensory techniques are used to help students discover their strongest channels for learning and to develop skills to use those channels effectively.


A daily tutorial period is built into the schedule so all teachers and students are available at the same time each day. This dedicated period makes it easy for students to check in with teachers for extra help, questions about assignments, and other kinds of academic or extra-curricular guidance.

Atlas Rotating Schedule

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