The arts at PCD color our days with confident, bold brushstrokes and fill our halls with jubilant voices raised in song. They offer abundant opportunities for exploration and expression, and are shared with an appreciative and engaged audience.

Through a combination of skill development (launching new levels of discipline and opening new doors to self-expression), critical analysis (developing important discernment skills), and performance (punctuating hours of collaboration and hard work), PCD’s visual and performing arts programs offer inspiring, inclusive, and supportive environments for ongoing personal discovery and growth.

No paint-by-numbers, curriculum add-on here; the arts are a dynamic and essential piece of our culture and are honored as much as every other classroom pursuit.

Middle School Arts

Sixth through eighth graders benefit from a wide range of visual and performing arts opportunities. Performing artists enjoy choral, instrumental, and musical theory instruction, as well as numerous performance and publication opportunities.

The consistency and breadth of the program lay the foundation for a lifetime of participation in and appreciation for the arts. Students attend regular music classes, participate in chorus, perform in the Middle School Band (supported by instrumental music classes), and take part in the annual musical theater production. As a part of their daily schedule, PCD Middle School musicians have the opportunity to take their musical studies to new heights through our unique relationship with the Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School.

Upper School Arts

Once students enter the Upper School, opportunities to engage in the arts are abundant—for the committed studio artist, the fledgling, stage-frightened thespian and everyone in between. PCD students are nationally recognized, award winning musicians and artists, and they are brave explorers—learning a new language on a piece of sheet music and getting their hands dirty for the first time at a potter’s wheel.

A full range of visual and performing arts opportunities keeps the creative juices flowing and gives students multiple outlets for self-expression. PCD’s media-driven Upper School visual arts department offers introductory and advanced instruction in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, computer graphics, printmaking, and design. Students can choose to focus on a specific discipline, working toward advanced studio/portfolio preparation classes in their senior year; or they might find unexpected success as they venture into completely new territory. The arts at PCD call in equal measure to every student, as each finds different means of self-expression and increases his/her understanding and appreciation of the expression of others.

Signature Arts Programs