PCD Announces Creation of Thomas W. Ossman Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence

Providence Country Day is pleased to announce the establishment of The Thomas W. Ossman Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence. The Ossman Endowed Chair will be used to support teaching excellence in the spirit of Mr. Ossman during his time at the school.
Mr. Ossman taught at Providence Country Day School from 1968 through 2016, inspiring generations of Knights in the math classroom and on the athletic fields, where he motivated them to achieve excellence in both their effort and their performance. 
“Tom embodies the ideal of a Country Day teacher. His steadfastness, his loyalty, his dedication, and above all his call to excellence served as an example and an inspiration for his students and colleagues alike,” said PCD trustee Rick Black ’71. “His legacy at the school is a rich one. Generations of Country Day alumni can trace their personal arc to their experience in Tom’s mathematics classes or on his teams. His motivation, impact and influence on the school’s students cannot be overstated.”
The Endowed Chair was established with gifts from eighteen alumni that span over 37 class years and a former coach, indicating the multigenerational impact that Mr. Ossman had during his tenure at Providence Country Day.
“Throughout PCD’s history, our teachers have had an incredible impact on the lives of our students,” said Head of School Kevin Folan. “For nearly a century, men and women of talent and character have shaped the young people they teach every day. This connection—whether in the classroom, in the art studio, the stage, or on the field of play—forms the fundamental core of student development at the school. Tom Ossman is a clear example of a teacher who made a lasting impact on his students, and I am excited to see this effort in supporting similarly dedicated faculty as a way to honor his legacy.”
The Thomas W. Ossman Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence will be held by one (or more) faculty member(s) who meets the criteria of teaching excellence as personified by Tom in his time at the school, as determined by the Head of School or their designate. As an endowed fund, all gifts made to the Ossman Endowed Chair are invested to provide financial support in perpetuity. The annual revenue from this fund may be used to support the costs associated with salary, professional development, and/or other endeavors that will enhance the effectiveness of the designated faculty member(s) in their pursuit of professional excellence and service to their students.
Donors to this endowed fund celebrate Tom’s legacy through their support of a current
outstanding faculty member at Providence Country Day. In this way, donors will enable
those who have followed Tom to stand on the shoulders of this Country Day giant.
To make a gift to The Thomas W. Ossman Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence or to learn more about other endowed funds at Providence Country Day School, click here.