PCD Celebrates Class of 2023

Providence Country Day School celebrated the 32 members of the Class of 2023 during Commencement on June 14, 2023. 
The sun shone bright on the graduates, who were recognized for their academic, artistic and athletic achievements, their leadership skills, their service to the community, their enduring spirit in the face of adversity and their personal growth over their time at PCD.

“You are an inspired and inspiring class of students, who I am so proud to know,” said Head of School Kevin Folan. “In a short little while you will no longer be Country Day students; you will become PCD alumni - who show up, who play the game, who find laughter and joy, and who acknowledge setbacks and create the opportunity to learn from these moments.”

Head of Upper School Jennifer Aitken, this year’s Commencement speaker, urged the graduates to take steps out of their comfort zone. “As you leave PCD and head off to explore the world and further your education, stick your neck out once in a while,” she encouraged. “These last few years have, at times, made us all want to pull our heads in and hide in our shells. It’s time to take some risks.”

Referencing her own graduate work studying animal behavior, Aitken concluded, “If you seek out what you need to take care of yourself like the gorillas, and wear your armor like the giant tortoise, you will be prepared to face whatever comes your way, and sticking your neck out and taking those risks could turn into great and fantastic adventures that will change your life.”

At the end of the ceremony, Associate Head of School Mark McLaughlin gave the graduates their charge, with advice from the senior class advisors. They were encouraged to “take every opportunity to show up not only for things – classes, jobs, or meetings with professors – but also for your friends and loved ones.“ They were reminded that “standards matter, and may you always hold yourselves to high ones, whether in matters like MLA formatting or the ways in which you live your life and deal with others.” Other advice included “be brave, take risks (the good kind, please), be kind to yourselves and others,” “give your choices careful consideration,” and “strive, get in the arena, keep that gauntlet thrown down, and play the game.”

The graduates will attend more than two dozen colleges and universities around the world.
Congratulations, PCD’s Class of 2023!

Lilly Elizabeth Allcock - Assumption University
Hudson Fitzpatrick Bartlett-Dunn - Connecticut College
Isaac Bates - University of Rhode Island
Charles Douglas Battel - Wentworth Institute of Technology
Jessica Ann Beaulieu - Rollins College
Viviane Amelie Cares - George Mason University
Caroline Maria-Anna Demetrakas - The George Washington University
Anna Maria Floru - Providence College
Thomas Franke - Miami University
Blake W. Fuller - Postgraduate Year
Benjamin Daniel Glaser - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Livia Rose Greenberg - Rhode Island College
Drew David Robert Harris - York College - United Kingdom
Ama Rose Koran - American University
Ella Katherine LaFrenier - The George Washington University
Rainie Yutong Li - University of California - San Diego
Jonathan Daniel Oliveira - University of Massachusetts - Boston
Ripley Valentine Pereira - Endicott College
Ella Poe - Wheaton College - Massachusetts
Isabelle Filipa Rego - University of Rhode Island
Reed Dean Rowan - Bryant University
Flavia Schofield - Concordia University
Sophia Bella Sodhi - Boston University
Serenna Leah Sousa - Boston College
Finley Rejane Stock-Guild - University of Miami
Jordan Talley - Brown University
Zane Walker Paquin Tyszkowski - Connecticut College
Vivian Vieira - University of Rhode Island
Evan Christopher Waite - Interim Year
Salem Saleh Yassine - Merrimack College
Jameson Michael Young - Quinnipiac University
Katrina Zysk - Loyola University - Maryland

The end of the school year also marks a time to recognize PCD students of all grades for their accomplishments in the areas of academics, athletics, the arts, and leadership. The following awards were bestowed for the 2022-2023 academic year:

US - Excellence in Spanish: Jordan Talley
US - Excellence in Latin: Drew Harris
US - Excellence in Chemistry: Nathaniel Comiskey
US - Excellence in Physics: Maisie McLaughlin
US - Excellence in Mathematics: Jessica Jiawen Cheng
US - American Mathematical Society Award For Outstanding Achievement In Mathematics: Rainie Yutong Li
US - Excellence in Vocal Music: Ella LaFrenier
US - Excellence in Art History: Drew Harris
US- Excellence in Digital Media: Benjamin Glaser

US - The Sandstroem Book Award - To the outstanding Senior for excellence in English: Ella Poe

US - The Pell Medal Award - Excellence in United States History: Kate DiPardo

US - The Brown University Book Award - Awarded to the top junior who combines a high degree of ability in the field of English, both written and spoken: Iris Petrillo 

US - The Rensselaer Award - Given by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to a member of the Junior Class for achievement in mathematics and science: Samuel Kudarauskas

US - The Richard S. Stanzler Memorial Prize - Given in memory of Richard S. Stanzler, of the Class of 1954, by his family and friends to the student in the Upper School who has excelled in the humanities in the current academic year: Finley Stock-Guild

US - Judith A. Speyer Art Award - For excellence in art in honor of Ms. Speyer whose teaching and passion for the arts inspired students for 31 years: Vivian Vieira

US - Charlotte T. Stratton Theater Award: Viviane Cares

US - Yearbook Award - In recognition of outstanding effort, achievement and leadership on the Yearbook Staff: Rainie Yutong Li

US - Nancy M. Hanley Award - Given by friends and family in honor of Nancy Hanley, school Librarian. This award is given to that ninth grade student whose spirit, citizenship and academic commitment lift those around them in the way that Mrs. Hanley did for those around her: Olivia Foster and Cedric Ye

US - University of Rhode Island Alumni Association Book Award - Awarded to the Junior in our school whose outstanding personal attributes and service to school and community make this person worthy of honorable recognition: Benjamin Logel

US - Dartmouth Alumni Association of RI Book Award - Awarded to that Junior who ranks in the top ten percent of his/her class and who best combines and qualities of scholarship, leadership and achievement: Iris Petrillo

US - Harvard Club of RI Book Award - Awarded to the outstanding student in the Junior class who displays excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievement in other fields: Samuel Kudarauskas

US - Yale Alumni Club Book Award - Awarded to that Junior in a rigorous college preparatory program whose academic achievement and contribution to the life of the school is testimony to his or her outstanding personal character and intellectual promise: Maisie McLaughlin

US - PCD Community Service Award - Awarded in honor of Ken Graboys, Class of 1981, to the graduating senior who has demonstrated extraordinary giving of self in service to others in the greater community: Anya Floru

US - Academic Excellence Award Given to a member of the graduating class who has been a student at Providence Country Day for two years or more and maintained the highest academic average: Ama Koran

US - Gerald B. Woodruff Progress Award - Given to that student in the graduating class who in his or her years at PCD has displayed the greatest personal growth as an individual and a member of our community: Zane Tyszkowski

US - William R. Giunta Memorial Book Award - Given to a member of the graduating class who best exemplifies a spirit of concern and interest in people and the value of community: Drew Harris

US - Percival C. Norris Memorial Award - Awarded to that member of the graduating class who has, over the years, shown outstanding loyalty and constructive leadership in the tradition of Mr. Norris: Blake Fuller

US - Class of 1929 Gold Medal for Excellence (Medal) - Awarded to the student for excellence in scholarship, participation in athletics, participation in other extracurricular activities, leadership in and influence upon the school, and faithfulness of effort: Caroline Demetrakas

US - Faculty Citation: Katrina Zysk

PCD Alumni Award: Cesar Godinez
Upper School Athletic Awards 
US - Mary Suttell Underclass Athletic Award: Ava Soch
US - Suzanne Bailey Athletic Award: Finley Stock-Guild
US - Alex Poulos Memorial Athletic Award: Sam Kudarauskas
US - Robert Arthur Lavan Memorial Athletic Award: Blake Fuller
US - Charles S. Gwynne Award: Vivian Vieira 
US - Charles S. Gwynne Award: Ripley Pereira
US - J. Roberick Eaton Sportsmanship Award: Evan Waite
US - J. Roberick Eaton Sportsmanship Award: Katrina Zysk 

Coach's Citation Award: Hudson Bartlett-Dunn, Charlie Battell, Anya Floru, Thomas Franke, Jonathan Oliviera, Reed Rowan, Jameson Young

Athletic Director's Sequoia Award: Lilly Allcock, Caroline Demetrakas, Ama Koran, Serenna Sousa, Jordan Talley, Salem Yassine

Middle School Awards:
MS Outstanding Effort and Achievement in Instrumental Music: Andrew Howe
MS Outstanding Effort and Achievement in Vocal Music: Saigon Minh Curl
MS Outstanding Effort and Achievement in Visual Art: Madalyn Dion
MS Outstanding Effort and Achievement in Visual Art: Jonah Lacey
MS Outstanding Effort and Achievement in Theatre Art: Julia Mancini
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in Spanish: Jacob Deacon
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in Latin: Leo Woodman
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in History: Jacob Deacon
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in History: Leo Woodman 
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in History: Elias Morcos
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in History: Jonah Lacey
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in History: Antonio Da Ponte
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in History: Andrew Howe
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in English: Andrew Howe
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in Mathematics: Andrew Howe
MS - Outstanding Effort and Achievement in Science: Annika Bzdula

MS - Progress Award - Awarded to a student who has demonstrated significant academic or social growth in their Middle School Careers: Elias Morcos

MS - Academic Award - Awarded to the student who has achieved the highest academic average in the class over the past two years: Andrew Howe

MS - Mary Elizabeth Hunt Award - Awarded to our most outstanding Middle School citizen, in honor of Betty Hunt, our school receptionist for many years, who radiated warmth and sunshine: Maddux Fredericks and Madalyn Dion

MS - Williams College Book Award - Awarded to the most outstanding Middle School student for combined scholastic achievement and extracurricular participation and leadership potential: Madison Caletri

MS - The Richard S. Tierney Middle School Effort and Dedication Award - Awarded to the student who has demonstrated consistent effort and dedication to academics in the Middle School program: Morgan Pequeneza