Senior Wellness Groups

PCD's Senior Wellness Program was developed by PCD Counseling Coordinator and licensed social worker Jason Roderick, to not only address the many issues facing college-bound seniors, but also to provide them with skills to manage stress now and in the future.

Seniors attend bi-weekly, single gender group sessions, known on campus as "Groups." The program is not required, but all seniors choose to attend. Groups are a safe, college-free zone where each participant's confidentiality is protected unless there is evidence of the intent to harm oneself or others. What happens in Groups stays in Groups. At the beginning of each year, students complete surveys about their health habits and feelings. Questions range from what they eat for breakfast, how much sleep they get, and when they feel the most stress, to questions about drugs and alcohol. During the course of senior year, topics of discussion include how to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle, stress management, and negotiating the college transition. Guest speakers and workshops help enrich the experience, with added perspectives and strategies for adapting to change, time management, managing expectations and coping with peer pressure.

The Senior program is part of PCD's broader wellness curriculum, designed to help students make safe and healthy life decisions. Topics covered include Internet safety, bullying, peer pressure, and substance abuse.