Mission, Values, and History


The mission of The Providence Country Day School is to inspire lives of engaged citizenship in an inclusive community that values the unique strengths of all students. By setting high standards for academic achievement, ethical behavior, and community participation, PCD empowers students to grow with confidence and prepare for a lifetime of learning and leadership to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.



Individual commitment and active participation are the personal contributions that open doors to confidence and competence. Growth is the triumphant result of surpassing one’s own expectations.


Diversity is the wealth of our community. When people embrace different perspectives, we are enriched with an increased cultural awareness and sense of belonging.


Persistence and hard work are essential ingredients for success in all areas of personal growth and achievement.


Honesty is the foundation of our community. Our strength is secured by trust, and that trust grows through truth in actions and words.


Intellectual curiosity is the spark that drives us toward academic excellence.


Respect—for oneself, for others, for ideas and for property—is the vital connection that makes every individual a valued member of our community.


Shared experiences and teamwork embody the interdependence of each member of our school and fulfill our potential as a dynamic community of learners.

Our History

In 1923 a group of business leaders, educators, and parents set out to establish a premier college-preparatory school in a rural setting. They wanted to provide area students with the advantages of a boarding school campus but afford them the additional benefits of a day school.

The Sweetland Farm in East Providence offered the perfect location to bring their vision to fruition, and though the physical layout of the school has evolved over the ensuing years, the “farm” remains the center of the PCD campus today. Initially a small all-boys middle and high school, PCD was able to successfully navigate its commitment to becoming a coeducational institution thanks to a strict adherence to its founding principles. In 1991 the school admitted its first female students, and in 1998 the Board of Trustees hired Susan Haberlandt as Head of School to lead and secure the school through those critical transformational years and beyond. Coinciding with the school's demographic shift was a geographic shift: in 1997, PCD completed an extensive campus consolidation and building project, in which two historic buildings, Metcalf and Chace Halls (1927) were moved to the east side of campus and renovated. At the same time Murray House opened as the new administration building, and the Moran Annex was added to the West Field House, providing greatly expanded and improved athletic facilities.

Current Head of School, Kevin Folan, was appointed in 2019 and continues to lead a program and community that values and celebrates individuals. The school's diversity and gender balance are decidedly more reflective of real life, and the vibrant school community is a living testament to the vision of the school’s founders.

PCD Heads of School

  • Charles Henry Breed (1923-1927)
  • Albert C. Tyler (1927-1934)
  • Edward G. Lund (1934-1965)
  • Evan R. West (1965-1985)
  • Porter D. Caesar II (1985-1990)
  • Christopher Corkery (1991-1998)
  • Susan Haberlandt (1998-2011)
  • Vince Watchorn (2011-2019)
  • Kevin Folan (2019-)