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Emet Schwartz '13

Director of Summer Programs, Mathematics and Science Teacher

Camp Safety Protocol

  1. Physical Space and occupancy 

  • Stable groups no larger than 15 people including staff and campers will have interactions during the week

  • Stable groups will occupy the same space each day.

  • Social distancing is recommended when possible but not required within each stable group. 

  • Each group will remain at least 15 feet apart.

  • Pick up and drop off

               Staff get or bring children to their car rather than a parent entering area. 

  • Campers will bring their own lunch everyday. 


  1. Screenings

  • Self-attestation form done daily by each camper and staff (Approved DHS/DOH form).

  • Exclude anyone with COVID symptoms 

    • Temperature exceeding 100.4

    • Cough

    • sneezing/runny nose

  • Camper may return 7 days after the symptoms have subsided

  • Visitor log will be kept if anyone enters the campus

  • Isolation room or area that can be used to isolate a sick child pending pickup by a caregiver. 


  1. Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Limit of shared equipment

  • When equipment must be shared across stable groups, equipment should be cleaned between use of each stable group. 

  • Disinfecting which adheres to CDC guidance for cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of areas

  • Water refill stations will the water bottle refill stations only


  1. Camp structure

  • Campers will be placed in groups of a maximum 10 broken up by age for the week when possible

    • They will be with 1 Counselor, who will act as their guide

    • Campers will be shepherded by the guide to 4 different stations throughout the day

      • Stations will be run by a counselor demonstrating an activity to the group. Maintaining ample distance from campers

        • Counselors will maintain social distance and will wear a mask. 

        • After each station comes through staff will disinfect all areas where  campers were located

  • Staff and campers will be required to wash hands for 20 seconds with soap under warm water before lunch and after any of the following

    • Lunch, Bathroom, Wiping Nose, or any bodily fluid

    • Touching any surface that other groups may touch. 

      • Ie doors or materials 

  • Campers will NOT be required to wear masks throughout the day but will be encouraged when convenient

  • Campers will maintain safe social distancing and will minimize indoor uses

  • Under no circumstances will groups interact with each other to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination