For nearly a century, PCD has shifted curriculum and embraced current pedagogical practices to ensure that our graduates are prepared for success in college and in life.

In the Information Age, education is more than how much you know. It's about how well you think and how quickly you can adapt. Students will need to think critically and synthesize an enormous volume of information around them; make decisions effectively and ethically; and work cross-culturally within diverse teams to make change in the world. 

Building on what we do best

Just about every school in the world is working with a model we inherited from the 20th century.  It's a strong model – it gave us space travel and climatology and Hamilton.  But the 21st century is different in really important ways, especially the pace of change.  We can't fully prepare kids for a century as dynamic as this one by making changes at the margins.  We have to think systemically.  

Despite the importance of our beautiful campus right here in East Providence, the recent past has shown us that the PCD culture and ethos transcends our physical campus. We are pleased to announce that, in conjunction with our partner, Hudson Global Scholars, we are launching the PCD Online Academy as a means to teach students all over the country and throughout the world. 

Our small size gives us the ability to observe and to think critically about how best to serve our current and future families. This is both the privilege and the responsibility of being an independent school.  We have the freedom to think and act boldly – which can be exciting and daunting – and forging ahead like this breaks new ground that colleagues in education around the world can take advantage of to nurture the children under their care.

"I think the attention we received at PCD, and the insight from the faculty, allowed me to develop the ability to think critically, which has played a pivotal role in my current architectural profession."

Evan Goldstein '02

Wheaton College '06 (art history)
Boston Architectural College '12 (architecture)
Project Architect, Gensler (a global architecture, design, and planning firm)