Foreign & Classical Languages

Educators often ask themselves what students will need in order to succeed and thrive in the world of the 21st Century. At PCD we believe that communication and global awareness are key. Additionally, the language department strives to expose its students to other cultures, both historic and modern, to give them a fuller understanding of other customs, beliefs and ways of thinking. Through this exposure, we hope students become more open-minded and more aware of the connections between other peoples and themselves. It is not only the structure of the language, but its expressions, sayings, gestures and humor that reflect a way of thinking different from our own. The language department integrates the art, food, music, legends, literature, holidays and traditions of other cultures into its curriculum.

We want students to emerge from their language study at PCD with an enthusiasm for another language and culture, a desire to visit other countries, an appreciation of the past and a sense of their citizenship in a global community.