College Testing

There was a gradual tendency for colleges to go “test optional” before the COVID 19 pandemic.  With the pandemic, because it became difficult for students to schedule ACT or SAT tests, most colleges went test optional.  For the 2021-2022 admissions season, most colleges will remain test optional or test free (blind).

 Nonetheless, it makes sense for PCD students to be take either ACT or SAT at least once in case test scores are needed.   Given this, we work hard to make sure each student is prepared to take these tests and do well on them.

Every college will accept either SAT or ACT results. Starting in the junior spring we work to help students determine which test suits them best.

Advanced Placement tests are never required for college admission, though strong results may result in higher placement or extra credit once one begins college.

Both the pre-ACT and the PSAT are practice exercises designed to help students prepare to take the ACT or SAT. Scores on these tests are never part of a student’s college applications. Test results are only shared with the student, his/her family, and the College Counseling Office—never with the colleges.

All PCD sophomores take the pre-ACT exam in April and all PCD juniors take the PSAT exam in October. Both experiences introduce students to college admissions testing before the official ACT and SAT test dates begin in the second half of junior year.


We advise every student to engage in test preparation. Students who don't are at a competitive disadvantage in today’s college admissions world. Here are some options:

  • The least expensive is to take advantage of the free test preparation materials available on the ACT and College Board websites.
  • Students can buy a test prep book and work through it independently. For self-motivated students, this can be a very effective strategy.
  • Test prep classes are available both at PCD* and through a number of local resources.
  • Individual tutoring can be arranged for more personalized attention and flexibility in scheduling.

We will help students determine which method is most appropriate for their circumstances and learning/studying style.

The school does not have an affiliation with any outside SAT-ACT preparatory organizations. If you choose to use an outside resource we urge you to contact the companies directly and decide which one will best suit your needs.

Below is a list of some options in the area.

Greco Tutoring: one on one tutoring

Summit Educational Group: one on one tutoring

National College Assistance Services Learning Center: classes conducted at their location in Plainville, MA.

Kaplan Test Prep: classes and individual tutoring

Princeton Review: classes and individual tutoring