Athletics Hall of Fame


2019 PCD Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony

May 4, 2019

This is a Saturday; the ceremony will take place after home games have concluded:
Varsity Girls Lacrosse vs. Cranston High School East at 2:00p.m.
Varsity Boys Lacrosse vs. Cranston High School East at 4:00p.m.

our 2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees will be:

Mark McLaughlin
Herbert Wylie ’41
Phoebe Bruckner ’02
Saltonstall/Chace Family
’81 Cross Country Team
Jack Hayes ’85

Sponsored by the PCD Alumni Association, the Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1995 to recognize and honor those members of the Providence Country Day School community who have contributed through athletics to the history and reputation of the school. The purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame is to acknowledge the essential role that athletics play in a PCD education and to honor those who have excelled in their athletic pursuits.

Hall of Fame Criteria
  • Alumni must have graduated from Providence Country Day School at least ten years prior to the June preceding the induction ceremony.
  • A non-alumnus nominee (for example, a team, coach, or family) must have distinguished himself or herself within the PCD athletic program.
  • A team may be nominated to the Hall of Fame provided that at least ten years have passed since the team’s accomplishments.
  • The nominee may be living or deceased.

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

*Posthumous induction


John Bellows '73
Paul Buffum '62
John Hurley '69
Henry Palazzo '97
Diane Simek '95
1968 Football Team


Geoffrey Cameron ’04
Frank Schwartz ’66
Thomas Chace ’60
Sara Read Cote ’00
Mark Iannuccilli ’85
1992 & 1993 Boys Basketball Teams


John E. Bennett ’68
David S. Dyson ’86
Dudley S. Richards ’49*
Geoffrey B. Sargeant ’96
Courtney C. Sargeant Wilson ’99
Alan J. Zametkin ’68
1987 Hockey Team


Suzanne Bailey
F. Stephen Giunta '67
Joseph W. May '65
Brian S. Winn '67
1985 Lacrosse Team


Erika Silva Adams '97
The Calenda Family ('75–'79)
Howard Levine
Earl McClellan '93
Donald Shaw '61


The Gavitt Family
James M. Lynch*
Jeffrey C. Motta '76
LeeAnne Araujo Simmons '95
George E. Wood*


Steven H. Black '80
Robert “Whitey” Johnston '55
Terrence Murray '58
W. Timothy Rogers '75
1985 Basketball Team


J. Roderick Eaton
Gregory J. Smith '80
Evan R. West
1975 Lacrosse Team


Manuel L. Gorriaran, Jr. '56
Thomas Ossman
Kenneth W. Read II '79
Edwin Votolato '76
1978 Varsity Football Team


Mark Chafee '80
G. Kerrie Keiner '53
R. William Ohlsen '73
The Poulos Family
Walter F. Sharp*


The Boucher Family
Jules A. Cohen '51
Robert D. Dickerman '50 & '12
David Horner '67


William T. Andrade '82
The Buxton Family
Daniel G. Fanning '55
William F. Lunnie '57
Earl B. Nichols '39