The PCD Playbook

The PCD Playbook is an individualized ‘Book of You’ that captures a holistic snapshot of every student. Working with an advisor, they'll use the The Playbook as a guide for expressing who they are and where they'd like to go. Students will regularly contribute their strengths, challenges, dreams, and desires.

To truly get the most out of a student, the teacher needs to have a deep understanding of their strengths, their obstacles, and what provides the greatest motivation for their success. The PCD playbook is a living, breathing document that will change and evolve along with the student throughout the year.

Your guide through PCD

This comprehensive Playbook will ensure that every student knows they are valued — and will provide parents with a window into their children’s aspirations... and PCD’s plan to help them achieve them.

Faculty will be able to refer to The Playbook as a guide for helping students thrive and parents will enjoy this comprehensive window into who their child is.

That changes as you change

As students change and grow, their aspirations will evolve as well, and the path to reach those aspirations has to adjust accordingly.  This habit of adaptation is perhaps the single most important skill we can teach children in the 21st century.  

As they culminate their PCD career, each PCD graduate will receive a detailed — and beautiful — book that documents their progress and growth.

The pace of change has become so fast that there's no way to know what world – what careers, what environment, what society – we are preparing them for, so the most important task is to teach them to adapt to whatever that world turns out to be.

Students will contribute to their Playbook throughout the year as it will be a living document.

Check out the full prototype here:

The PCD Playbook

“PCD continually reviews its curriculum to strengthen the balance between academic and artistic rigor and whole-life preparation. With this endeavor, we are defining 21st-century graduates’ needs and raising the bar for private education.”

Board of Trustees President David Bazar