PCD College Counseling Program Featured on The Rhode Show

The Rhode Show featured PCD this morning to profile PCD's college counseling program, the Compass Program. The Compass provides unique grade level experiences that help students think in a meaningful way—before the college search begins—about who they are and what their future might look like.

Providence Country Day School Director of College Counseling Terry Ward says serious college consideration can wait until the summer between sophomore and junior year, though rising freshman can be well served to identify and begin exploring interests before the college search begins in earnest. "Freshman year is too early for students to think specifically about the college admissions process, but it's the perfect time to think about themselves, their favorite subjects, or interests outside of the classroom." Ward advises students to engage in new and varied experiences—whether it's trying a new subject at school, working a summer job, or volunteering at the local senior center.

To learn more about the Compass Program at PCD, view the full story and watch the segment below:

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