For Lydia Mozzone '10, Art is Both a Worthy Career and Fulfilling Passion

For Lydia Mozzone '10, pursuing an artistic career didn't mean she'd be "starving" for her craft. Nor did she feel compelled to compromise her creative integrity in a traditional corporate role. Her life as an art director for TJX Company, Homesense is the best of both worlds. The Rehoboth native commands photo shoots and design layouts during the day but makes time at night and on weekends to paint. It was in Mrs. Mennucci's art class at Providence Country Day School, where she first learned that her love for art could be something that's both a worthy career and a fulfilling passion.

"Mrs. Mennucci was one of the first people to give me the idea that I could pursue something artistic and yet be much more than the 'starving artist' persona that is often attached to college art majors," she said. "It was the first time I began to think about art in a different way. Instead of seeing myself spending the day painting, I began to realize the scope of professional roles that demand creative thinkers, artists, and innovators."

Following PCD, Mozzone pursued an art degree at Skidmore College and felt "everything click" in her first graphic design course. "I thought I'd concentrate in painting, drawing or photography but I took graphic design my junior year and I knew immediately that this was something I could do that would make me valuable in the corporate world." She double-concentrated in fine art, graphic design and oil painting and began working at TJX Companies as a creative services intern after graduating in 2014. Today, she is the senior art director for their home furnishing brand Homesense where she directs and designs the creative visuals for its print and digital marketing campaigns. "Being in a position where I can help solve problems with creative solutions is extremely rewarding."

On top of her work, Mozzone enjoys painting and recently showcased her oil painting series in the show "Refraction" last summer in an exhibit at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, alongside another family artist – Michele Poirier-Mozzone, her mother. "Doing a show with my mom is something that we've always talked about, it was fun. We critiqued each other's work and then together, we chose which pieces to show. It was amazing to see how well our work fit together." Outside the exhibit, her work was also recently recognized by regional arts outlet Boston Accent Lit as one of the "Ten Emerging Artists to Watch."

For Mozzone, painting is intimate and a passion close to her heart. Yet, she has no plans to forgo her work at Homesense and enjoys both disciplines individually. She credits Mennucci and other faculty at PCD for helping her identify a creative career path but believes the school also helped her build a sense of confidence and the ability to work well with colleagues. "Learning how to deal with people matters a lot in your career and I learned that at PCD."

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