Alumni Couples

Providence Country Day is a school where life-long friendships are founded, and this certainly proved true for six PCD couples: Sara and Chris Cote '00, Virginia and Alec Cambio '06, Latha and Soren Youngren '97, Molly Pieri and Sam Schneider '05, April Moore Taylor '94 and Ryan Taylor '93, and Diane Simek '95 and Robb Sullivan '96.

"I had been at PCD since 5th grade, but Chris started our sophomore year," says Sara. "We became friends pretty quickly in Mrs. Conrad's Modern European History class. On May 1, 1998 of our sophomore year we had our first date and we've been together ever since!" Sara and Chris have now been married for sixteen years and have two daughters.

For Virginia, she noticed the "cute new kid" right away in Mr. Tierney's 8th grade home room class. She and Alec became good friends in 9th grade and began eating lunch together almost every day. "We were lunch buddies," Virginia remembers. "I would always lose my lunch card and Alec was the first to buy me lunch." The pair started dating junior year and were even voted "Best Couple" in their senior yearbook. They got married in 2015 and now have two little girls, a pup named Else, and a dog treat business together, BonaFido. "We believe in soulmates and we believe PCD helped bring us together," Virginia says.

Latha and Soren were first introduced at the school bus stop by Latha's brother. Although Latha was still at Lincoln Middle School, she and Soren would talk at the bus stop and at school dances until Latha enrolled at PCD two years later in ninth grade. "I was relieved to see Soren's familiar face the first day of school," she recalls. Their friendship continued through high school and they kept in touch when they both attended college in New York City. Several years later, while Latha was living in Paris, Soren visited her there. "The rest is history," Latha says. "Fast forward 17 years and we are happily married with three kids."

Molly first met Sam in 2002 when she transferred to PCD for sophomore year. They were both actively involved in PCD Players and became close friends. Friendship became more during their senior year and continued with weekend visits throughout college. After graduating college, they moved back to Rhode Island, got a dog, and got married. In 2015, Molly and Sam joined the Peace Corps and spent two years living in the Republic of Armenia teaching English to school children. Now they are onto their next adventure: building a house and starting a farm in Connecticut. "We hope to move in this summer and live happily ever after," Molly says. "Just kidding, life doesn't work that way—it isn't always sunshine and rainbows—but life is always more fulfilling because we get to move through it together."

All through high school, Ryan Taylor dated one of April Moore's best friends and she dated one of his best friends, even going to prom as a group. It wasn't until college when that friendship grew. Fellow PCD alum Earl McClellan '93 officiated the ceremony, and they've been happily married ever since.

Diane and Robb became good friends in Ms. Carpenter's Spanish class, and would often get in trouble, Diane says, "because we would just talk and talk and talk." Robb took Diane to senior prom, but then life led them in different directions. "The military took him in one direction, athletics at Rhode Island College took me in another," says Diane. In 2019, 24 years after their time at PCD, Diane and Robb reconnected when he joined Facebook for the first time. The couple got married in a small personal ceremony on September 1, 2020 and they are now expecting their first baby, a little boy due in May. "This is the first child for both of us," says Diane. "I never thought that would happen for me. We're blessed with this miracle."

These are just a few of the love stories that started at PCD. Alumni often speak of the strong friendships formed during their days as students, and sometimes friendship blossoms into more. We wish these couples and everyone else a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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2021 Commencement

On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, Providence Country Day School celebrated the class of 2021 at the 94th commencement ceremony. In what felt surprisingly normal after a tumultuous year, families and faculty gathered in the Field House to celebrate the culmination of a high school experience where the final third was throughout a global pandemic.

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