2018 Senior Profiles - Anthony Chamoun

Anthony Chamoun is one of those kids so beloved by his peers that everyone just knows him by his last name. Kind, respectful of everyone, and quiet. He also happens to be a genuinely funny person. A smirk, a twinkle, sometimes just a tone or a flippant remark leaves others on the floor in laughter. He is a PCD lifer, he ran cross country every year of upper school and clocked countless hours of ping pong with his friends. He served this year as student council co-president. He is focused and goal-oriented. He likes to see what he needs to do, and then work assiduously to accomplish it. He is far from the first of his clan to reach the goal of crossing this stage: Uncles Rob '86 and Jacob '89, and cousins Renda '99 and Fareed '00 all precede him. For his senior project, he wrote for the East Providence Reporter. He will attend Bryant University.

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