Natural Talents of Pilar Beerman-Rodriguez '22 Fuels Stellar Season for Girls Varsity Soccer

The Girls' Varsity Soccer run in the postseason came to an end yesterday, but the team is victorious in leading player stats for the state.

Pilar Beerman-Rodriguez '22 is ranked third in the state for goals (33) and fifth overall for assists (7) and total points (73). Head Coach Nick Riess describes her ambition, competitiveness, and advanced understanding of the sport as something rarely seen at the high school level. "Pilar has a competitive edge when she is on the field. A trait you rarely see in high school soccer. She is a slick, stealthy, mamba-like player," he says. "Her accuracy for putting the ball in the net is extraordinary, and her ability to see the whole field and distribute the ball is second to none."

Pilar's ability to handle the ball with power and accuracy has helped lead a monumental season for the Girls' Varsity Soccer team, which ended the season with a 10-8 record. Roughly 20 percent of Pilar's goals are from free-kicks, a feat the coach attributes as one of many strengths for the sophomore. "What I enjoy most about coaching Pilar is her love of and devotion to the sport. She contributes her thoughts and ideas on how the game is played, and she thinks about it at a collegiate level," says Riess.

Yet, Pilar isn't alone on the leader board. Goalie Kylee Hicks '22 ranks second in the state for saves (196). Other star athletes ranked Rhode Island's top performers include Aryana Sadr '23, Jennifer Sturges '22, and Naya Habr '22.

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