Seniors Pursue Passions, Explore Industry and Further Self Discovery with Senior Projects

For their senior projects - a long-standing school initiative that enables seniors to take on internship-like projects throughout May in place of classes - the class of 2019 worked throughout the country and world to lead internships that were vast in both industry and scope.

Environmental conservation, public health, industrial design, education, construction, digital marketing, and wildlife research are among the mix of projects in which seniors presented last week to their parents and the PCD community. Five students worked in area elementary schools, while others led art projects by painting murals, capturing real estate photography, and sitting in on music studio recording sessions. Some opted for public affairs or the nonprofit sector working with the Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island, the State Attorney General, and State Senate. Partner organizations such as Bryant University, PawSox, Roger Williams Zoo, Citizens Bank, University of Rhode Island and the Providence Police Department also top the list of area projects led by the seniors.

For many, the project helped refine a potential career interest while others furthered passions, learned about unique fields or developed new skills. Each year, the independent experiences prove invaluable for helping students learn more about themselves. "I had to learn how I think about and process math before I could even begin to teach the first graders how to solve a math problem. I learned about myself and how to teach rather than just simply giving them the right answer," says Thatcher Craig on his experience in the math department at Gordon School.

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