PCD Honors Academic Excellence at Cum Laude Ceremony

This week, PCD inducted four new seniors and four new juniors to the Cum Laude Society.

The Cum Laude Society was founded in 1906 to recognize scholastic achievement in excellent secondary schools. PCD became a member of the society in 1952. Each year faculty members of the school's chapter select juniors and seniors for induction who live up to the Society's motto: Areté (Excellence), Diké (Justice), Timé (Honor).

This year's inductees are juniors SongYan Liu, Laura McCarty, Elliott Trendell, and Liyuan Zhang; and seniors Natasha Bansal, Stephanie Da Cruz, Saarah Papineau, and Casey Pope. They join last years inductees: current seniors Matthew Beretta, Alison Carranza, Anna Oliveira, Henry Schaefer, and Chengye Yao.

Each year PCD honors a PCD alumnus and Cum Laude member, currently in his/her senior college year, by inviting him/her to deliver the keynote speech. This year's speaker was Omri Galor '15, now a senior at Brown University.

In his remarks, he credited PCD teachers for his love of learning and readiness for college. "By the time I came to college, I came with an open mind, ready to study anything, ready to make friends, and I was truly prepared, and I couldn't have done it without being here." He encouraged current PCD students not to become discouraged by adversity or rejection and cited his own struggle to begin a career in investment banking. "I was rejected from JP Morgan, Clearwater, and Blackrock. The only job I got at Deutsche Bank, fell through. I was really crushed. But I didn't let it change me. And this is what I want you guys to remember that no matter what troubles you go through... don't let it knock you down. Get back up, learn from your mistakes, and try harder. And this is again some sort of core atmosphere that you can get at this school. It's something that you're taught."

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