Students Try New Art Disciplines with PCD's Annual Winter Session

Interior design, jewelry making, glass fusing, and makeup artistry were among the newest electives offered this year in PCD's Annual Arts Winter Session. Created in 2012, the unique program allows students with an existing full-year art commitment (such as band or choir) the opportunity to pursue different art disciplines. At PCD, student success relies on the expectation and opportunity to try something new and fail or discover a new talent in the process. With Winter Session, the art department has created a unique arts mini-term that has created more time to, well, create.

For eight weeks in January and February, students tried their hands at drawing, screen printing, ukulele, pottery, and glass casting, among other new courses. Some classes were led by local visiting artists including Glass Artist Emmett Barnacle '07 and others included field trips to area studios such as local arts complex AS220.

The Winter Session is only one of many examples of the Art Department's commitment to offering a variety of unique learning opportunities that promote critical thinking, problem solving, exploration, creativity, and innovation. This winter, Advanced Studio students began working with live models for their unit on figure drawing. Learning to draw the human figure can teach an artist the technical skills needed to conquer any drawing subject.

Check out the video below to learn more about the recent unit on figure drawing where students studied live models to build on their foundational skills.

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