PCD's Director of Academic Technology to Speak at Leading Global EdTech Conference

Computer science and programming courses traditionally support curriculum in areas such as engineering or robotics. Rarely is coding considered a complement to the English department. Until now. PCD Director of Library and Academic Technology Innovation Matthew Mena-Landry is leading a new interdisciplinary course that explores how the two disciplines, computer programming and creative writing, can help students develop skills in both areas.

Beginning in February, Mena-Landry's new course Creative Coding And Storytelling will allow students to practice the narrative elements of fiction writing using introductory programming tools such as Scratch to create their own digital stories. While creative coding—the use of programming for creative expression—has newly grown in popularity, few schools are exploring how coding can be used within a humanities curriculum to teach students about the narrative and storytelling process. "Most computer sciences classes focus on math and science. With this new course, we're taking a look at the humanities and different ways computer programing can be taught with other classes," says Mena-Landry.

With his vision for the new class, Mena-Landry will lead a digital age teaching and learning session at the 2019 ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference held June 23-26 in Philadelphia to share findings from his course and how the intersection of programming and storytelling can improve learning outcomes in both disciplines.

Mena-Landry talked about the new course with WPRI's Rhode Show Host Will Gilbert on Monday. View the full segment below to hear more.

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