Students Create Handmade Soup Bowls to Help Combat Hunger in Rhode Island

Last week, both middle and upper school students were putting the finishing touches on their custom soup bowls created for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank's Annual Empty Bowls fundraiser held on October 18. The event features 1,000 handmade

bowls donated by local artists to allow patrons to select and enjoy food tastings from more than 35 local restaurants. Last year, the Empty Bowls event raised approximately $108,000 to help Rhode Islanders in need of food assistance.

"Creating a piece for an organization like the Rhode Island Food Bank makes it a more meaningful project. It makes me care more about the art we are doing. I feel that I'm helping to change my community in a small way," says Rachel Fava '19.

PCD students will donate approximately 50 bowls to the fundraiser.

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