New "Roundtable" Leadership Hope to Add Mixture of Student Writers

Since it's revival in early 2017, PCD student newspaper The Roundtable is well-liked and sought-after by students each week on Wednesdays, its publish day. "We print 75 copies to distribute and they are usually gone within minutes," says newly named Editor-in-Chief Matt Beretta '19. As seniors prepare for final exams and senior project internships, The Roundtable has integrated its new staff. Beretta now leads the team, which includes: Jeff Gao '19, copy editor; Henry Schaefer '19, photo editor; Cam Murray '19, sports editor; Natasha Bansal '19 and Alison Carranza '19, both editors.

Though the editorial staff is comprised of Upper Schoolers, Beretta wants to work hard in the coming academic year to incorporate a variety of student contributors, across all grade levels. "We want to feature different writers each week. It's important that everyone has a chance to write for the school newspaper. Anyone can be included in some way. It is part of what is so great about our small community at PCD."

Beretta started working with the newspaper as a Sophomore and has improved his writing and editing skills as a result. As an editor, he's also practiced remaining impartial when critiquing opinion pieces that may differ from his personal perspective. He's excited to take on the new role as editor-in-chief and says its important to have a student-focused media outlet on campus. "It's all done by the students, what they think, what stories they want to see, and hear about. I think that's an important part of school, to have a strictly student-based outlet."

Beretta and team are eager to add new writers and encourage all PCD students to reach out to the editorial staff with story ideas. "It's pretty cool to see your name printed on a piece of paper that's in everyone's hands."

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