Make an Annual Fund Gift and Nominate Your Hero Below.

Choose a multiple of some amount that is meaningful to you - such as 1923 or your or your hero's graduation year.

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Want to write a longer nomination? Need to send us a photo or video? Email them directly to Greg Abel (email link).

Other Donation Methods

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Who can I nominate?
You can nominate anyone who is your PCD Hero, who has made an impact on you and your life. You should consider family members (parents, siblings) or peers and friends, in addition to faculty and staff. 

Can I recognize someone who has been nominated already?
Yes, you may nominate someone who has already been nominated, but we encourage you also to nominate someone who has not yet been nominated.

What if I don't have a photo?
That's quite alright.  We will see if we can locate a photo in-house from a yearbook or the PCD photo database.

How much should I donate?
This is entirely up to you.  All we ask is that you make a gift that is thoughtful and comfortable for you.  You might also want to consider an amount that has some significance to you, i.e. the year PCD started, 1923: $19.23, $192.30, $1,923.00, or the year of your PCD graduation, etc. 

Can I submit an early nomination/gift?
Yes you may submit an early gift/nomination on this page.