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About Senior Off-Campus Privileges

Privileges are offered to those seniors who have no failing grades, no more than one grade below C-, and who are not on academic probation. Seniors with privileges are allowed to leave campus when they:

  1. Have no other obligations, including: classes, study halls, assembly, advisor/class meetings, clubs or activities, etc.;
  2. Have completed (with parent approval) the Senior Off-Campus Privilege Agreement and Car Information Form (if applicable) and submitted both to the Upper School Director of Student Life;
  3. Have completed the sign-out sheet in the upper school office indicating: time of departure, destination, and estimated time of return and signed in promptly upon return to campus (failure to sign-out or improper sign-out will lead to suspension or forfeiture of privilege);
  4. Operate vehicles (if applicable) in a safe manner when driving both on and off-campus (students will only carry passengers who have been authorized by their parents to ride in student vehicles);
  5. Read and agreed to the standards described in the student handbook

Please note that:

  1. This privilege may be suspended or revoked if they abuse this privilege or if their behavior/academics do not meet the expected standards.
  2. Excessive lateness and/or absences will result in the forfeiture of privileges.