Tuition Reset

PCD’s tuition reset is one of the boldest moves in independent education today. 

PCD is pleased to announce a major tuition reduction—called a tuition reset—for the fall of 2021.  After listening carefully to the concerns of PCD parents and as a direct response to the skyrocketing tuitions of private education, we thought it was time to take a different path.

Our answer: starting in 2021, PCD is hitting the reset button.  PCD is resetting tuition by nearly 40%.  Tuition will be $22,000 for Middle School and $25,000 for Upper School.

Over the past generation, household wages have increased 15% while PCD's tuition has increased 400% — typical for independent schools.  We recognize that the financial model for both independent schools and for higher education is broken.  Tuition prices have spiraled out of control and it is no longer sustainable for either schools or for the families we serve. 

For all the diversity and inclusion efforts that have been poured into private schools, the reality is that they are more exclusive than ever. This is contrary to our values. We felt compelled to finally do something about this complex problem.

"Going to school there was a dream come true. It taught me to work with others as a team and really helped me grow as a person"

Peter Karmue, Class of 2004