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Vince Watchorn

There is something exciting —meaningful — about a first-hand experience. No matter what the endeavor, more is revealed in the doing.

How does something ignite?

A spark bellows into a flame; an engine comes to life with the turn of a key. In the brain, it takes a question. Questions ignite curiosity. From curiosity comes exploration—the chance to learn deeply because the path is meaningful and engaged. The more delving the question, the more invested is the learner. That means that the more purposeful the question, the more powerful the process of exploration can be.

Here at Providence Country Day School, we ask kids big questions, and we expect them to explore more than just their classroom tasks. We ask our students to think about their lessons in the context of their families, their peers, their world, and their identities. They use their schoolwork to understand who they are as individuals and to appreciate the different perspectives of those around them. They find their voices, hear the voices of others, and identify ways to engage in the world and make it better.

An admission candidate once told us that PCD was the right school because “it can help me answer my questions.” His questions continued after graduation because PCD helped him develop a habit of asking and seeking and learning. Questions—asked by teachers determined to tease out and foster individuals’ unique strengths—help students discover the joy of exploration and the pursuit of more than just answers.

Whether you’re visiting this website for the first time or the 100th, we know you have questions. We invite you to peruse, learn, gather information about PCD, and remember that we’re here to take your questions in person, too.

What does it take to ignite a thinker? A creator? An innovator? You may find it takes the Providence Country Day School!

Best Wishes,

Vince Watchorn
Head of School

Over the course of Watchorn's 25+ year career in independent schools—as associate head, classroom teacher, coach, and head of school—he is most proud of his efforts to develop individual student potential and build strong communities.

Professional Service
Faculty, NAIS Institute for New Heads
Trustee on two independent school boards

M.Ed. Instruction and Learning
Wilmington University (DE)
M.Ed. School Leadership
Wilmington University (DE)
AB History/PoliSci
Muhlenberg College (PA)

2004 - Recognized by University of Maryland Center for Teaching Excellence
2000 - C. Herbert Foutz Award
(for dedication to students)
1998 - Alumni Service Award