PCD Virtual Learning Expectations for Students

Prepare your…

  • Self.  Set your alarm to wake up early enough to get dressed, eat breakfast, and gather any materials you would need for class (tech, notebook or binder and pen/pencil).

  • Classroom.  Identify a location in your space with minimal distractions, where you can sit comfortably and participate in all aspects of class.

  • Tech.  Find your charger(s), set up near an outlet if needed, make sure your face is clearly visible on screen, and check your connection before logging on to class.

  • Environment.  Make sure family and friends who share your space know when you have class so they can support you staying focused and distraction free.  

Participate respectfully through…

  • Attention.  Mute yourself during class meetings unless you are in a discussion or asked to speak.  This eliminates distracting background noise for you, your classmates and your teachers.  Use the Chat feature as directed by your teacher, and only for class-related questions or comments.

  • Engagement.  Use the Chat feature, participate in large and small group discussions, set up time to talk with your teacher during Office Hours, and put your best efforts into the assignments, assessments, or projects your teachers have planned.

  • Focus.  Treat your virtual learning time the same way you would classroom time on campus by planning ahead so you can fully participate for the entire class.  If you need to step away from your device at any time, make sure you are muted, quietly step away, and return without interrupting or announcing yourself.

Play the Game!

  • Practice.  Mastering virtual learning will not happen overnight, but we will get better every day.  Start your “pre-season” now by getting comfortable with Zoom, Google Classroom, PlusPortals before the first day on Wednesday 4/1.

  • Encourage.  Stay positive and model patience; every person learns in their own unique way.

  • Care....for yourself, your friends, your family, your neighbors, and the larger community as we look forward to a time when we’re all back on campus again soon.