Trailblazing Class of 2017 Will “Always Be a Part of PCD”

Posted: June 13, 2017

Though the Providence Country Day School Class of 2017 has many titles among the group of 45—pilot, community servant, marine conservationist, world traveler, company ballet dancer, black belt, transatlantic sailor, teacher, and Carnegie Hall performer, to name a few—on the morning of Wednesday, June 7, each member of the class added a new, unique mark: PCD alumnus.

PCD Science Teacher, and the student-selected Commencement speaker, Nancy Gelardi, advised the soon to be graduates that their PCD achievements and roles to date would set the foundation for their success ahead. “These things will not determine or define the final course of your lives, but the important lessons learned here will help you to make those critical choices that are yet to come,” she said on the warm, spring morning in the Evan R. West Field House. Trailblazer is yet another moniker that was used to describe the 2017 graduates.

Their class year marked the first time in the school’s history that two young women were elected to serve as co-presidents of the student council. The group was also the first class in recorded history to have won the school’s February Challenge eight consecutive years and many among them were part of the State Championship Mock Trial team. They also founded the volleyball team, established the Leftist Students’ Society and started an Annual Family Movie Night. In his remarks at the ceremony, Head of School Vince Watchorn said, “We are a different school because of their unique vision and their ability to follow-through on good ideas.”

For these milestones, the class of 2017 will always be a part of PCD, a notion also commonly shared among the student body. Colin Stergios has said that, “Each teacher I’ve had is so much more than a teacher, but a singular and irreplaceable key in my life.” Ethan Hobson believes he “found himself at PCD” and Raquel Fitzpatrick has said the school community “helped her to try new things she never thought she would.” At the Senior Dinner Levi Potter remarked, “PCD has built the foundation for our success; now it is our choice what to do next.” The 45 students that comprise the PCD Class of 2017 will be heading off to 40 different colleges in 15 states and three countries.

The Class of 2017

John Batista, Rhode Island College

David Bauman, Swarthmore College

Nathan Bedford, Johnson & Wales University

John Beretta, Emory University

Addison Braver-Walsh, Skidmore College

Elijah Byrnes, Harvey Mudd College

Ashley Cern, High Point University

Jonah Crema, Clark University

Benjamin Cross, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Andrew Cuzzone, Saint Lawrence University

Sofie Eftekhar, Dickinson College

Lucy Ehrlich, Scripps College

Sean Feeney, Brown University

Raquel Fitzpatrick, Mount Holyoke College

Tatsuya Hiki, Wesleyan University

Ethan Hobson, Boston University

Hattie Keene-Reinhard, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Bryce Kerr Abraham, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Blake Kostas, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Christopher Lamiroy, Interim Year

Chenshi Grace Lu, Syracuse University

Yuzhe Eric Lu, University of Southern California

Patrick Madden, Wheaton College

Matthew Marsella, Tulane University

Kylyn Marshall, University of Hartford

Michael Moreira, York Saint John’s University (UK)

Zachary Odessa, College of Charleston

Shaun O’Hearn, Eastern Connecticut State University

Elizabeth Perkowski, University of Vermont

Sally Philips, Drexel University

Alanna Phillips, University of Vermont

Alexandra Pope, Connecticut College

Levi Potter, Lynn University

Maxon Quas, University of Vermont

Theodore Robinson, University of Colorado, Boulder

Kaitlyn Salgueiro, Furman University

John Shamgochian, Colby College

Samuel Smiley, Washington & Lee University

Tyler Smith, Rhode Island College

Colin Stergios, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Benjamin Stonefield, Lasell College

Brendan Sullivan, University of Hartford

Henry Viall, University of Edinburgh (UK)

Ying Xuan Wang, Art Center College of Design

Tucker Wray, Brown University

See full texts and galleries below:

Commencement Welcome_2017 from Head of School Vince Watchorn.pdf

Invocation Speech given by Tom Ossman.pdf

Address from Nancy Gelardi.pdf

The Charge to the Class of 2017 from Head of School Vince Watchorn.pdf

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