2017 Senior Profiles - Brendan Sullivan

Brendan Sullivan joined us sophomore year, and we have come to know a young man who thrives on project-based thinking and hands-on learning. When he has a passion for something, h works extra hard -- with focus and discipline. Hockey is a salient example: he played for us at PCD, and he has played with the Newport Whalers organization since he was four years old. Another is his summer job at Blue Diamond Window Cleaning, which, he says, inspires him to exceed expectations. "Working [a job] forced me to become more of an adult." He has also found a home in our art studios, not coincidentally because of his artistic skill and refined aesthetic sensibility. Brendan is a loyal friend to his peers and a key member of his class. For his senior project, he learned more about Blue Diamond's business operation. He will attend the University of Hartford.

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PCD Awards 4 New 1923 Scholars

Ava Kooloian, Sam Kudarauskas, Emmett MacGregor, and Catherine McDonough have been awarded the 1923 Scholarship, a merit award equal to 50 percent of tuition.

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