Leadership Giving Societies

Quarter Century Club

25 Years or more of giving

20/20 Society
$25,000 or more

Head of School Circle
$10,000 - $24,999

1923 Society
$5,000 - $9,999

Red & Black Society
$1,000 - $4,999

The Red Door Society
Members of classes within the last 5 years: $50 or more

Members of classes within the last 6-10 years: $100 or more

Members of classes within the last 11-15 years: $500 or more

Annual Giving

PCD’s Annual Fund supplies the essential financial support that allows the school to fulfill its commitment to students and teachers each year. Because we hope to make a PCD education available to as many qualified and deserving students as possible, we work hard each year to control tuition increases. As such, tuition revenue funds only 92% of our annual operating budget; the balance must be funded through the generosity of donors. The consistent commitment of everyone in our community helps support the creative programming and diverse opportunities that call our students to action. It supports the dedicated faculty, financial aid, and facilities that enable PCD students to thrive here now and continue to do so long after they leave.

PCD’s founding head of school, Charles Breed threw down the gauntlet in 1923 when he challenged every student to be an active participant in his community—across every venue. Today Breed’s words resonate with the same intensity as they did 85 years ago. Students, teachers, coaches, parents, and alumni all share a responsibility for success here, as our individual contributions combine to make this school a better place, and create the vibrant family we are privileged to call our own.

Your gift to the Annual Fund will honor this essential tradition of participation, and acknowledge that the need to participate extends beyond the classroom, the playing fields, the art studio, and the stage.

Capital Giving

Unlike the Annual Fund, which funds about 8% of our operating budget and is spent each year, capital gifts generally support specific initiatives—either facility improvements or endowment. Think of our Annual Fund as our checking account, paying for day-to-day expenses, and capital gifts as a savings account for special projects and long-term investment. Capital gifts allow PCD to think strategically beyond immediate needs and plan for a secure and vibrant future. They can fund new buildings and campus renovations, and they can add to the endowment to fund faculty compensation, programs, and financial aid. A healthy endowment can also give a school greater flexibility during challenging economic times, so that its long-term health is not compromised. PCD's endowment is managed by the RI Foundation and is invested for long-term growth.

Planned Giving

In 1999 the trustees of The Providence Country Day School established the Gerald B. Woodruff Bequest Society in honor of the longtime assistant head of school and all those individuals who followed his example by naming PCD in their estate plans.

Mr. Woodruff served the PCD community for 40 years—from 1929 until his retirement in 1969—as assistant head of school, an inspiring teacher, and a dedicated coach. During his tenure, he had the foresight to establish an endowed fund to support faculty salaries—a fund that continues to benefit our teachers today. He also provided for the school with a bequest in his will and set up a charitable gift annuity with PCD. Inspired by Woodruff’s enduring contributions to the school, alumni, faculty, parents, and friends have followed his example, naming PCD in their estates and/or designing planned gifts that benefit both PCD and themselves.

The Woodruff Society represents PCD’s true guardians—donors whose generosity will impact the health and vitality of the school in profound and as yet unimagined ways. The legacies of Woodruff Society members will help enrich the lives and shape the minds of countless generations of PCD students, ensuring the school’s strength in perpetuity. Planned gifts to PCD can reach farther and accomplish more than gifts to larger institutions; they are able to make a significant difference right away that truly reflects the donor’s wishes.

Planned giving expresses a deep and thoughtful commitment to PCD’s future; many estate gifts support endowment and thus provide for the ongoing sustainability of the school. Additionally, estate gifts are the result of important planning by the donor, who can receive regular income and significant tax benefits, or accomplish other financial goals as a result. PCD’s Development Office, along with your financial advisor, can help you distinguish between the various types of estate planning vehicles and help you determine the best way to meet your financial needs and objectives.

There is no minimum gift requirement to establish membership, and all donors, whether through a bequest provision or a life income arrangement, are automatically granted membership in the Woodruff Society.

The attached document below will introduce you to the basics of the most common types of planned gifts. Please note that for each plan there are numerous options available, allowing you to customize your plans and make sure that you will be able to meet your needs as well as help meet the needs of the school.

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Honor & Memorial Giving

Contributing to The Providence Country Day School in honor or memory of someone special in your life is a meaningful way to recognize an individual's importance to you while supporting the school. 

Gifts in Honor

These contributions honor family members, friends, or colleagues—whether for milestones like birthdays, graduations, weddings, or anniversaries, or to recognize important work and relationships.

Gifts in Memory

These gifts celebrate the life of someone dear to you.

Annual Giving Committee

Annual Fund Co-Chairs:
Andrew J. Farrington
Kathryn E. Farrington

Members at Large:
Robert Britto
Stephen M. Dylag
Jack Hayes `85
Mary P. Heffner
Stephen Marsella `85
Susanne Patrick-MacKinnon
Laura Philips
Elizabeth Rau
Peder Schaefer `68
P. Gerard Shaw
Elizabeth Silva de Balboa
Mary Wray