Day of Giving 2017

Help PCD Change the Game!

At PCD, we change the game every day. We ask students and faculty to try new things, see things differently, and make a difference. Whether it’s swinging a bat for the first time, expressing an opinion on a literary reference, or trying out for the school play, students are not only encouraged—but expected to be all in. No one is a sideliner here—students are supported and challenged in equal measure, and as a result, they grow in unexpected and revelatory ways. PCD is a game-changer for them.

And now, you can help Change the Game for PCD, by supporting the second annual PCD Day of Giving on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. This event’s success will depend on full, community-wide participation.

You can help make this event a game-changer.  Here’s how:

SHARE yOUR story

Alumni, students, and parents: we want to share your stories of how PCD changed the game for you. We invite you to send us your PCD experiences and memories by emailing —we would love to share your testimonial, photograph, and/or video on our social media sites to celebrate our Day of Giving.

Share our cause

If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, please follow us today! Post your own stories about PCD using #PCDdayofgiving as part of your post. Share PCD’s posts on your own Facebook page to extend our message to your friends and family, or anyone who needs a game-changer like PCD in their lives.

SHARE what you can

Even if you’ve never given before, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to make a donation. Every gift helps. To celebrate our founding year (1923), we will be looking for Day of Giving donations in increments of $19.23, $192.30, and so on. You can also pledge a recurring gift of $19.23 per month. It’s not about the biggest donation—it’s about all of our PCD community working together to change the game for our current and future students. 
Make a donation Through the PCD Website.
Make a donation using PayPal