Upper School Arts

Once students enter the Upper School, opportunities to engage in the arts are abundant—for the committed studio artist, the fledgling, stage-frightened thespian and everyone in between. PCD students are nationally recognized, award winning musicians and artists, and they are brave explorers—learning a new language on a piece of sheet music and getting their hands dirty for the first time at a potter’s wheel.

A full range of visual and performing arts opportunities keeps the creative juices flowing and gives students multiple outlets for self-expression.

PCD’s media-driven Upper School visual arts department offers introductory and advanced instruction in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, computer graphics, printmaking, and design. Students can choose to focus on a specific discipline, working toward advanced studio/portfolio preparation classes in their senior year; or they might find unexpected success as they venture into completely new territory. The arts at PCD call in equal measure to every student, as each finds different means of self-expression and increases his/her understanding and appreciation of the expression of others.


Performing Arts Curriculum and Programs

  • PCD Choir
  • Instrumental Ensemble
  • Music Theory and Composition
  • PCD Players (two major theatrical productions per year including a musical)
    Opportunities include performance, scene and set design, set building, and lighting.
  • Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School
  • Coffee House
    Student-produced evening of instrumental and choral music and poetry performances.

Visual Arts Curriculum and Programs

  • 2-D Studio
  • 3-D Studio
  • Advanced Placement Art History
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Photography
  • Drawing
  • Introduction to 2-D Design: A Foundation
  • Media Criticism and Production
  • Painting
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Pottery
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture