Middle School Arts

Sixth through eighth graders benefit from a wide range of visual and performing arts opportunities. Performing artists enjoy choral, instrumental, and musical theory instruction, as well as numerous performance and publication opportunities.

The consistency and breadth of the program lay the foundation for a lifetime of participation in and appreciation for the arts. Students attend regular music classes, participate in chorus and honors chorus, perform in the Middle School Band (supported by instrumental music classes), and take part in the annual musical theater production. As a part of their daily schedule, PCD Middle School musicians have the opportunity to take their musical studies to new heights through our unique relationship with the Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School.


Instruction in the visual arts is given throughout the Middle School years, and unlike in most school programs, PCD's youngest visual artists experience a sophisticated media-driven curriculum. This means that sixth through eighth graders are exploring two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital photography side by side, exploring each medium more fully and benefiting from their interaction with a broad range of students. Classroom studies support the work in the studio, as students are introduced to a wide variety of historical and cultural visual art forms.


The Middle School years are fertile ground for artistic cultivation. Whether whetting an appetite for further study, facilitating the pursuit of an established interest, or giving a young student his/her first exposure to an artistic genre, the PCD arts faculty skillfully guides the open minds of their Middle School students to help them find and develop their best artistic selves.

Performing Arts Curriculum and Programs

Visual Arts Curriculum and Programs

  • Two-dimensional art
  • Three-dimensional art
  • Digital Photography