The arts at PCD color our days with confident, bold brushstrokes and fill our halls with jubilant voices raised in song. They offer abundant opportunities for exploration and expression, and are shared with an appreciative and engaged audience.

No paint-by-numbers, curriculum add-on here; the arts are a dynamic and essential piece of our culture and are honored as much as every other classroom pursuit. Through a combination of skill development (launching new levels of discipline and opening new doors to self -expression), critical analysis (developing important discernment skills), and performance (punctuating hours of collaboration and hard work), PCD’s visual and performing arts programs offer inspiring, inclusive, and supportive environments for ongoing personal discovery and growth.

Rhode Island Philharmonic Partnership

When the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra and Music School made its home across the street from the PCD campus, it presented a natural ­opportunity for collaboration. PCD's growing music program, which includes both instrumental and choral components, saw its musicians juggling their practice time and space. Thanks to our unique relationship, the Philharmonic’s renovations, which include state-of-the-art facilities, are now available to PCD musicians. As a part of their daily schedule, PCD Upper and Middle School students can avail themselves of individual instruction with the Music School’s professional musicians, as well as use their facilities for class instruction and practice space. In addition to the availability of acoustically designed rehearsal halls and a digital piano lab, our instrumental musicians benefit from increased performance opportunities as well.

Connect to the RI Philharmonic Orchestra and Music School.

World Arts Day

More than a cultural festival, more than a day of arts exploration, PCD Arts Day—held each March—reveals as much about the diverse talents and perspectives of the PCD community as it does about the many different forms of art throughout the world.

Visual artists, storytellers, chefs, dancers, riddlers, and musicians lead workshops throughout the PCD campus on this day of participatory arts immersion that includes all students, faculty, and staff. Students and teachers both lead and learn, sharing their broad range of talents and interests to enliven the campus with all manners of self-expression. We have learned to salsa dance, create art out of found indigenous materials, and make sushi. We make music and poetry, street art, jewelry, and animated films. At a culminating school-wide assembly, students and teachers share their newfound talents with the entire community.

This day calls on all of us to cross perceived boundaries. It is a day for teachers to try belly dancing, for sixth graders to write and sing a gospel-style song with seniors, and for a seventh grader to lead a mob dance. We bridge gaps and increase understanding—not only of new skills but also of each other. It is a day to showcase our community spirit, our curiosity and respect for others, and our willingness to step outside of our comfort zones to discover something new.

Visiting Artists Program

PCD’s close proximity to the Rhode Island School of Design and Providence’s vibrant artistic community makes the school an ideal location for an Artist-in-Residence Program. Visiting artists may come for a day or a week, joining classroom activities, giving demonstrations and leading workshops. Whether hosting a naturalist painter who is working with artists in our Da Vinci Lab, or a political troubador who is sharing a history of political campaigns through song, we are excited to welcome both visual and performing artists whose work supports our curriculum and the topics being covered in class.

Arts Winter Session

Arts Winter Session is an exciting opportunity for students who are committed to full year art classes (choir, instrumental ensemble, portfolio prep, and senior studio) to try something new. Singers can take a drawing class; visual artists can explore jazz vocals.  Without giving up a year-long pursuit, students can juggle creative time during this seven week session in January and February. Some classes meet three times a week and others meet two, giving students the greatest degree of flexibility to supplement their commitment to the arts.

Class options  for 2014-5 include:
Blender (3-D modeling)
Hand Tools
Landscape Painting
Music Theory
Scenes from Musical Theater
Small Instrumental Groups
Street Art