Welcome to PCD

...where we invite you to Accept the Challenge and explore all PCD has to offer. Schedule a visit and see for yourself how PCD students make a difference. We look forward to meeting you.

Do you have what it takes to be a PCD student? The answer is "yes" if you value academic achievement, seek to challenge yourself across multiple venues, and take the opportunity to be actively engaged in the life of the school. If you want to make a difference, you might want to be a PCD student.

Accepting our challenge means:

  • Bringing your own perspective but also a willing spirit and an openness to seeing things differently
  • Embracing a quiet moment and being a good listener, but also jumping in to make some noise
  • Finding a personal voice and the courage to use it
  • Making something better every day—for others and for yourself
  • Getting your hands dirty—trying something new and valuing both the resulting successes and failures
  • Fitting in by standing out—belonging because you are in a community of peers and mentors,  each of whom is standing out in a unique way

"I never want to stifle the natural curiosity that my students have. I want them to experience the joy, the awe, the satisfaction of discovery. That's what keeps me going and I hope that's what keeps them going too."

Carol-ann Tripp,  physics teacher

See For Yourself

The Providence Country Day School offers a private middle and high school education for sixth through twelfth graders. We are dedicated to inspiring lives of engaged citizenship, and living our core values every day enables us to fulfill this mission. While we are proud of the successful adults our students become, we are equally proud of the joy and inspiration they find along their journey, simply in coming together each day to talk, listen, study, play, try, fail, perform, win, lose, socialize, reflect, and start again. Here you will find a value system and community character in which high achievement is not attained at the expense of kindness and humanity. Come visit our campus to experience what life at PCD is like and to explore how your commitment and participation can make a difference in the PCD community and beyond.

Contact Us

To set up an appointment for a campus tour and interview or for further information please contact the Admissions Office:

401-438-5170 x137


Open House Dates

winter parent visit day

January 11, 2017
8:30–10:30 AM

Meet the Office


Dave Provost

Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Melanie Holodynsky

Associate Director of Admission


Diane Palazzo

Admission Assistant


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