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We believe that the cost of a PCD education should not be a deterrent to any family, regardless of income. We know that the published cost of tuition can make it seemingly impossible for many families to consider independent school as an option, and we have worked hard to change that perception. 


At the Providence Country Day School, we believe that the advantages of an independent school—especially those at PCD (small class size, individualized instruction, abundant opportunities for leadership in the classroom, arts, athletics, and the community), should be available to as many academically qualified students as possible. That is why financially qualifying families may be able to take advantage of our Sliding Scale Tuition, designed to increase access and give families the opportunity to pay according to their demonstrated need.

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The full tuition for 2016-2017 is as follows:
Grades 6-8: $30,100
Grades 9-12: $34,350

Based on your income you may qualify to pay between $ and $.

The median Middle School tuition paid by families who currently qualify for reduced tuition is $17,400*. The median Upper School tuition paid by families who currently qualify for reduced tuition is $18,425*.

*Based on a family of 4 with two parents filing jointly.

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*Please note that there are many factors that go into determining a family’s tuition level, including availability of funds and PCD’s enrollment needs.  Additional factors are considered by SSS at the National Association of Independent Schools when evaluating a family’s ability to pay, including but not limited to: family size, the number of children attending tuition charging schools, and assets and liabilities not reflected in household income.  Not all families who qualify for a reduced rate of tuition will be offered the rate for which they qualify.

Sliding Scale: Here's How it Works

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To set up an appointment for a campus tour and interview or for further information please contact the Admissions Office:

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What does a completed PCD Sliding Scale Tuition application consist of?


A copy of your most recent federal 1040 tax form and W2 wage statements. These forms should be submitted online to SSS through the following link:


Does PCD offer scholarships?


PCD offers need based Sliding Scale Tuition, as well as one or more "1923 Scholarships" each year for students entering grades 6 and 9. Your family’s unique financial circumstances—including factors such as income, assets, and the number of children enrolled in tuition-charging institutions—play an important role in determining if you qualify for Sliding Scale Tuition.


If we apply on time, are accepted for admission, and qualify for Sliding Scale Tuition, do we automatically pay the tuition for which we qualify?


No. Each year, despite PCD’s generous Sliding Scale, the demand for reduced tuition exceeds available funds. The Tuition Committee determines which applicants pay Sliding Scale Tuition based on the availability of funds and our enrollment needs. Each year the Committee places a small number of students on a Sliding Scale Tuition waiting list.


If we pay Sliding Scale Tuition the first year, do we pay at the same level in subsequent years?


Yes, assuming you still demonstrate financial need. All families who currently pay Sliding Scale Tuition at PCD must file a new PFS with SSS by January 15 each year. PCD attempts to keep a family’s tuition at a similar level each year as long as no major changes have occurred in a family’s financial situation during the previous year.


If my child enrolls at PCD without paying Sliding Scale Tuition, can we apply for the Sliding Scale in subsequent years?


You are welcome to apply. However, there is no guarantee that you will pay reduced tuition in subsequent years. In most situations, PCD makes every effort to respond to a family’s financial need, but it is unlikely that we will be able to meet your full need for several years due to budgeting restraints.


If parents are divorced, who must submit financial information in order to apply for Sliding Scale Tuition?


PCD requires that both the custodial and the non-custodial parent (or both co-custodial parents) complete and submit a PFS form to SSS for review. Copies of both the PFS form and the most recent federal 1040 tax returns must be sent to SSS.

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